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What I expect to learn in my first year of homeschool.

This year, I am very excited to learn about survival skills in science. The reason that I am excited about this is because I think that it will come in handy to know in case you are ever put to the test.

I don’t know of anything that I’m not excited about currently but, the one thing I’m not as excited about right now is only knowing one other student (my sister). I get that there are disadvantages to having many students and that there are better advantages to only having one or two students, not to mention that its homeschool, but I enjoy having the challenge of many people that I need to get to know.

I hope to achieve the goal of being able to have the skill set to take care of myself and my family should an emergency arise. I wish to have this skill set because if an emergency situation did arise and I don’t have the skills to protect myself and my family, then if someone in my family were to get hurt, I would feel like it was my fault.

On a happier note, another thing that I wish to achieve is being able to manage my own money so that I know HOW to save and actually DO save money. I’m excited about having my own blog. This is particularly exciting for me because it allows me to post about what happened on a specific day and how I’m feeling about something that happened. I think that a blog will also help with my writing skills, which I actually do need, so that I know when to stop writing and put punctuation in and keep going.

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