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My Favorite Hobby

My favorite hobby is to read.

I love to read fantasy books because it allows me to travel to another place, at least in my mind. I don’t have a problem with reading other genres of books but fantasy is by far my favorite.

Some of my favorite books are written by a man named Rick Riordan author of The Kane Chronicles, The Percy Jackson series,The Heroes of Olympus, and The Magnus Chase Books. These are my favorite books because they are about one of my favorite topics ever: mythology. Another one of my favorite authors is Michael Grant. He wrote the series.Gone series.

My second favorite book genre is Fiction. Although people may look at fiction and fantasy and say “Aren’t those basically the same thing?” I say no they are not because they give different feelings and “vibes”. Fantasy is the realm of make- believe where anything can happen. Fiction is where it’s not real but, it is still closer to the real world. Fantasy has characters that turn into animals and time-travel or teleport but fiction has characters that go on adventures but don’t do the same things as fantasy characters.

Another genre that I sort of enjoy is Non-Fiction. One book that I read was Chasing Lincoln’s Killer by James Swanson. The book explained the entire journey and the hardships that it took to find John Wilkes Booth after he assassinated Abraham Lincoln. The book was filled with intense action and a great story line. The entire book was put into a storyline that is easy for children to follow.

Although these are all great genres of books my favorite will always be fantasy. Fantasy is usually thought to be a little kid’s thing but I disagree I think that fantasy is something for all ages to enjoy. Fantasy is the thing that allows people to not only bring their childhood back in their minds but to escape to another world where anything truly is possible.

Poor cat goddess…

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