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The Farthest I have ever been from home

The farthest that I have been from home is Nevada. The reason that this is the farthest that I have ever been from home is because I don’t have a passport.

I went to Nevada to visit my family on my dad’s side for Christmas. Being that far away from home was a little weird for me at first, but after I got used to having family around me the entire time I got used to it. Once I got used to being that far away from home I started to really enjoy myself.

When I was in Nevada if I didn’t know anyone there I wouldn’t have felt comfortable even if they said that they were my family. Thankfully I did know the people there, at least my Grandma and Grandpa. I have some of the most fun when I am with my Grandparents because they are seriously hilarious.

When I think about being away from home for a while I feel weird because all of my stuff is here. Also I feel weird because I am in a strange place that I have been to before usually. One of the ways that I can get over this feeling is by reading a book.

Reading a book helps me to escape from the place that I am in and then when I get back I am used to the place. I don’t like being away from home usually but when I know all of my family is there I get used to it.

Being away from home doesn’t bother as much anymore, but it does make me feel a little weird still. I think that eventually I won’t feel weird at all and I don’t think that I will feel home sick.

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