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History of the Middle East

Today I am writing about History. Although most people find these areas boring they were still part of the influence of today. The people that lived in these had a major impact on the world of today.

The Middle East is represented by modern day countries of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Syria, and Iran. Before 500 AD, the Middle East saw the rise and fall of 5 different major empires these empires were Babylon, Persia, Alexander the Great, Parthia, and Rome. The region was split between Roman and Parthian rule by 500 AD.

Despite the strength of all of these empires, there are very few remaining marks of any of these empires on the culture of the Middle East. Instead, most of the culture of the Middle East is based on a religion that began in the 7th century AD, Islam.

The Roman Empire that had controlled most of known civilization began to decline around 476 AD. By 500 AD, the eastern Roman Empire was all that was left. This became known as the Byzantine Empire which remained in power for almost a millennium.

Following the decline of Rome, Islam rose around 700 AD in the Middle East. Muslim caliphates and sultanates began spreading and eroding the Byzantine Empire. While this was going on the old Persian Empire was revived by the Khuarizm Shah, another Muslim group. The Muslims in the Middle East eventually united and formed the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire overthrew the Byzantine Empire in 1453, and spread into parts of Eastern Europe. At the same time, the Ottomans took control of North Africa, and even held control of part of Spain.

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