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How I can Control Small Expenses

I am only 13 years-old so I don’t know much about this subject. The reason that I am even taking a personal finance class in the 8th grade is so that I don’t end up making as many mistakes as other people.

One way that I can prevent myself from making a whole lot of small expenses is by creating my own personal budget. Most of the kids that are taking this class are in High School. While I am only in 8th grade I don’t experience most of the things that they do with cash problems and such. Most people in High School might have this problem as well, finding yourself chronically short of cash. I have this problem only because I am not old enough to have a job yet.

If I did have cash, I don’t know what I would personally spend it on but from what I have noticed from other teenagers, that have jobs, spend their money on seemingly small and pointless items. Small Items are items like fast food, music and apps. For me, I have noticed that my parents don’t waste their money on things like fast food all of the time.

Another way to control small expenses is to manage your money wisely making sure that you have a set amount for the next week or until your next paycheck. A reason that this works so well is because when you get into the habit of saving a little bit of money in your pocket at least until your next paycheck then you can have more money the next time etc. Eventually you can have enough money to use on the big expenses.

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