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Search and Rescue

I am writing about these Search and Rescue (SAR) teams because these teams are really exciting to me. SAR teams all have different jobs altogether. These teams, though they work in a different areas, work together in order to keep people safe. People often ask how SAR keeps them safe, well SAR keeps you safe by alerting you of avalanches when you’re skiing or snowboarding in the mountains.

Fema SAR (Search And Rescue) stand for Federal Emergency Management Agency. Fema SAR, also known as Urban Search And Rescue, includes location, rescue (extrication), and initial medical stabilization of individuals trapped in confined spaces. Urban Search and Rescue is known and considered as a “multi-hazard” discipline. They deal with earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, storms, tornadoes, floods, dam failures, terrorist activities, etc.

Air Force Pararescue is an elite combat force organized, trained, and equipped. These Airmen are the most highly trained personnel recovery specialists in the world. These Airmen do the most dangerous and extreme missions around the clock and world. In order to join the Air Force Pararescue team you have to have a successfully completed physical ability and stamina test. You must be within the ages of 17 and 39 years-old. Pararescuemen are known as PJ’s for Pararescue Jumpers.

American Avalanche Association works together and dedicates themselves to searching for avalanches to protect people. They work hard in order to avoid people getting lost and hurt because of the avalanche. They  forecast weather, control and mitigation of snow avalanches. They work to promote the research and development of avalanche safety. These men and women have dedicated their lives for yours. The executive director of AAA is Jaime Musnicki. The president of AAA officers is John Stimberis the Vice President is Halsted Morris.

Overall SAR works together to keep everyday people, like yourself, safe. Some ways that they keep you safe is by coming to get you if you are trapped on a mountain. Another way is by getting you out of the broken building pieces if a building fell down and you were trapped. One way to make sure that you can get SAR to help you is to have a PLB (Personal Location Beacon) the only problem with this is that you have to get it registered in order to use it. I think that even though that’s a pain to register it’s still worth it.

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