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What I did over the Summer Vacation

Over the Summer Vacation I did many fun activities. The very first week of summer vacation I spent out at my grandparent’s house in Macclenny Florida. While I was there I went to a drama camp called “Future Stars” this year the theme was throwback. At the drama camp, we do dancing, singing, acting, and sometimes stage fighting. This year we did all of those things and had a blast. On the night that we perform, we get special shirts for that year of drama camp, well for me that year was the most special because it was my last. Every morning, before we start with the day’s “Classes” we do a chant between each of the groups 1, 2, and 3, my sister and I were in group 3. The chant goes like this: WE GOT SPIRIT YES WE DO, WE GOT SPIRIT HOW ‘BOUT YOU!!!! Then it moves on to the next group until one group is out and chooses which of the other groups to help with the Spirit Stick. Once one group wins we go on with the day. On the last day when we had perfected everything that we have worked on we perform for our families. This year we had a lot to show because we had been hard at work. When we finally showed everything it was time to announce the winners of the creative crew T-shirts, one for each groups, and the winner of the Spirit Stick. This year one of the counselors got hurt pretty bad so they gave her a Spirit Stick in honor of her. When they handed out the T-Shirts I said congratulations to the winners. Then it was the time we were all waiting for the winner of the Spirit Stick was… ME!!!! I couldn’t believe it when I was saying my speech I was crying. That was by far my favorite year and then it got even better, I was asked to come back as a counselor!!!

From there I didn’t do much but my parents did buy a new house and it’s AWESOME!!! The house was built in 1956 so it has a lot of wood real wood not plastic wood so it’s really cool.

The final thing that I did over the summer is that I did the lights for the show “Grease” in the same place that drama camp took place in, out on Baker County. The cool thing about Grease was that it was an all High School student cast and the kids can actually sing dance and act so it was worth it seeing it for three weeks.

Another that I did over Summer Vacation is spend time with my grandparents. I love to spend time with them because they are a lot of fun. Over the weekdays my grandma is usually working, she works at home though which makes it better for her, while she’s working my sister and I usually play outside, with their dog, or play a game called World of Warcraft. Their dog’s name is Bella, she is a full-bred German Shepherd.

Sometimes Bella scares me but most of the time she doesn’t because she is an adorable dog. Every night my sister leaves the door open so in the morning Bella will come over and wake us up. It’s is so cool whenever she does tricks too!!

One time I had her wait for me at one spot on the property and then went to another where there were a lot of items in the way of getting to me. Then I yelled “Bella Come!!” and she came bolting straight to me.

Another thing that I do at my Grandparent’s house is play a game that my grandma made up called Multiplication Basketball. This game is what helped me to remember my times tables. It was one of the best things that I did because I would be way behind had I not played that game.

My grandpa has a great and unique sense of humor. One of the things that he did that I found hilarious was take us to an Ice-Cream place. When we went there and finished eating and left we just started calling it the usual. We still call it that to this day.

Until next time, your friendly neighborhood Homeschooler…



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