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My Best friend and what we do together


Today I am writing about my best friend for a school assignment. Most kids have a best friend at school but, for me, I don’t really have a living breathing best  friend. My best friend is NOT imaginary it is very much real. My best friend, for now, is my book. This is not specific to one book all my life, it is usually the book that I am reading at the time.

The reason that my book is my best friend is because I don’t really interact with kids my age… Yet. I don’t mind not having a kid my age to be my best friend. All my life I have been told that at school you are there to learn, not to make friends. My grandpa always told me, “Once you get outta there you are never going to deal with those kids again, so just do your work, get good grades and you’ll be fine.” so I believe him.

My book is actually the best company I could keep. I don’t get in a lot of trouble by hanging out with it. Plus, as an added bonus, I learn new words to be added to my always growing vocabulary. Also, I get to visit another world. I can also learn many good lessons from the books and you gain some of the same valuable attributes as the character. These attributes may include courage or sacrifice.

I wish that I could give you an example of something that a book and I do together but alas, a book is inanimate object. I can tell you that I love to read, if you asked my dad right now what I spend most of my time doing he would probably say reading. I do take my book places so I could say that “we” enjoy traveling together but it’s all up to perspective. I love reading for entertainment but also for the benefits of spending time with my best friend. Reading could be anyone’s best friend if you just accept it to be. Your best friend doesn’t absolutely have to be a living breathing animate person. I enjoy reading my book and my book enjoys being read. “We” like to hang out in my room and read. My book usually waits for me on the shelf but when it doesn’t it’s on my bed waiting for me to finish with my school. A book is my best friend, and that’s cool, so why isn’t it yours?

Until next time, your friendly neighborhood Homeschooler…



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