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The layering system and Heat transfer

Today I am writing about the Layering system and heat transfer for a school assignment. The layering system is often used by Search and Rescue (SAR). We also use the layering system in everyday life, for example a jacket over your t-shirt.

The layering system can be described as a layer cake. For example the first layer of the cake is the first layer known as the “Underneath layer”. The underneath layer is the first layer to touch your skin keeping you warm there.

The second layer of a layer cake, and the layer system, would be the wicking layer which is used to soak up any liquid that seeps through the first layer. Typically SAR teams will wear two pairs of socks as well.

Heat transfer is where heat goes from one object to another by touch or even radiation. Radiation is not the kind when you think of the Hulk but like a fire when you can feel the heat from far away.

There are five layers in the layering system and I’ve described two already but typically there are five. The last three are called the clothing layer t-shirt and pants, Insulation layer, shell layer.

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