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My Great Fishing Adventure


Today I am writing about my fishing experience on Tuesday, September  6th 2016. That day I was expecting to do my school work so that I could get a little done and go fishing with my uncle, when he called to tell us he was on his way. Once we got that call we immediately got ready to go and decided to finish school once we got back.

About 10 minutes later we were on our way to their fishing spot. About 30 minutes later we were at the fishing spot. The first thing that we did was learn how to put the bait on the hook on the fishing pole. Once we learned how to bait the pole, we learned how to cast the line to catch fish. We spent a little bit of time not catching anything but seaweed. It was kind of disappointing but I had faith that eventually we would catch something good.

I had really hoped that I would be the one to pull something out of the water, but it was my sister who ended up reeling one in. She pulled out a crab shell while I was expecting a fish. This wasn’t the shell that she pulled out but one very similar to it washed up on shore. That wasn’t the only thing that she pulled out, she also got a fish. The fish was big and heavy, unfortunately we didn’t. When she pulled the fish out water, my dad rushed to get it out of the water but the fish managed to get back into the water, with the hook still in it. My sister was very upset not only that she didn’t keep the fish but because the fish has live with a hook in it’s face.

Those were the only things that we pulled out of the water so we decided to pack it up. When we were going home we decided to take the ferry across the St. Johns river. We raced across the water in a couple of minutes. My dad and uncle told me that if we had chosen to drive around the river it would’ve taken about 45 minutes. I thought that was awesome.

Once we got home we took showers and did our school work. When we were doing our work my dad gave us an assignment. He told us to write an essay and post it on our blogs including a picture of the crab shell and what crab it is from and how we found out what it was and we would get a bonus. So we both decided to do the bonus because, why not?! The crab that the shell came from is known as an Atlantic horseshoe crab which is in the link above. I found this picture by just simply Googling “Big crab shells” and looking at the picture, and comparing the Google image and my own personal image and came to the conclusion that it was the same.


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