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The Morality of Wealth

Today I am writing about the morality of wealth for my personal finance class. I believe that the morality of wealth depends on how you collect the money. For instance, if you stole the money then that is unjust but if you earned the money let’s say through an app you designed, then that is totally justified because you earned the money through hard work. To say that it is unjust for someone to be wealthy and leave it at that is simply untrue.

If I were wealthy and someone came up to me and said, “It is unjust for you to have money.” I would ignore that person altogether. For someone to come up to me knowing that I had money, and not knowing how I got that money and they say that it’s wrong for me to have money, I say that they are wrong. Now, if someone were to have money through immoral actions such as theft and other illegal methods then that is unjust.

If I lived in the 1800s and knew Andrew Carnegie when he had all of his money I would definitely believe that he earned his money and that is just. If someone else, from this time period, believed that wealthy people are immoral met Andrew Carnegie they would believe that he didn’t deserve all of the money that he had.

In conclusion, I believe that wealth that is earned is not unjust or immoral to have. For people to say that it’s unjust or immoral for someone to have money is ignorant. For instance, Steve Jobs had more money than me and almost everyone that I know, should he have give his money to me so that I can live better than I do at his expense? No he shouldn’t.

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