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History of the American Revolution

Today I am writing about the American Revolution for my history class. The American Revolution was the war that gave us our independence. If we had never fought that war we would not be in the situation that we are in now.

The American Revolution was started when the British pushed too far with Parliament’s Acts. These acts were so bad that the colonists called them the “Intolerable Acts,” these were so bad that they are in they are actually listed in the Declaration of Independence.

Once this happened the colonists in America decided to take a stand against the British because they wouldn’t listen to the colonists. In order for the colonists to fight back they had to learn how to shoot and fight. The colonists began to teach themselves how to fight and began stockpiling weapons.

Well, the British troops caught wind of this and decided to march into town to take the weapons from the colonists. Instead of letting this happen some people like Paul Revere went to the colonists and told them of the British troops’ plans. Once the militiamen, from the colonies, got ready they went and tried to stop the British. The British had go another way to the city of Concord and bypassed the militiamen. So the militiamen went on to a bridge near the city of Concord. The British by then had burned some of the arms that the colonists had hidden. When that happened the militiamen saw the smoke and started to go back to the city. Instead of getting back without trouble the British who were guarding the bridge opened fire on the militiamen whose general immediately gave the order to fire back.

After that little skirmish at the bridge, the colonists decided to take hold of Boston which was where the British were getting most of their supplies and troops from. About 15,000 militiamen gathered at the siege of Boston.

After the siege of Boston, the British decided to take hold of Bunker Hill and Breed’s Hill. The militiamen realized that this might not be a good idea to let the British have to Hills so they fought back. Instead of going out in broad daylight the militiamen, under the leadership of General Washington, went in the middle of the night giving them the ability to dig “trenches” in the dirt for protection. These battles were not very long battles just about an hour each. Unfortunately the British won the Hills which was a good win for them but, the militiamen won as well. The militiamen won because they realized that they could hold their ground against the most powerful military force in the world at the time, which is amazing considering that they had just learned how to fight!!

Eventually after the Battle of Bunker Hill, the colonists captured the important French and Indian War fort of Ticonderoga. Once the fort of Ticonderoga was captured, the militiamen went on to Quebec, Canada. The militiamen actually captured the city of Quebec and gained ships and supplies from invading parts of Quebec. After gaining the ships from Quebec, the militiamen were in the waters near the Valcour Island. When they were there a British Navy ship came up and initiated a battle. This battle became later known as the battle of Valcour Island. This battle, again, the militiamen lost but proved that they could fight almost on the level of the famed British which at the time was the strongest Navy in the world.

After that battle was the battle of Saratoga. The battle of Saratoga was an extraordinary battle for the colonists. The colonists fought the British and pushed them away from where they could get reinforcements. Because they did this the militiamen won and forced 5,700 British to surrender. Once the battle of Saratoga was over the country of France actually started to recognize the United States as a nation.

After the battle of Saratoga, the loss of the war forced the British to move the fight down south. While they were moving south the Continental army, militiamen, spent the winter of 1777 in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

In the year 1777 the British started the second half of the war. In order to start the second half of the war, the British took control of Savannah, Georgia. Once the British had control of Georgia, they went to fight for the Carolinas. In South Carolina, the colonists lost very big. The two wars that they lost were the battles of Charleston and Camden. The battle of Camden was fought with Horatio Gates as the General. This was a terrible loss for the colonists and instead of fighting until the end, Horatio Gates rode away 60 miles in order to  save his life.

Horatio Gates was on his way to being Washington’s successor. Because of the terrible loss in Camden Horatio Gates became a very hated man. When Horatio Gates lost that war Nathanael Greene replaced Gates as Washington’s Successor.

Eventually the French were giving their last resources to the colonists and heard of a British resource ship and raced out to sea and stopped it. This war was called the battle of the Capes. The French actually won this war and the British ended up ending the war. After that battle the treaty of Paris, like the one that ended the Seven Years’ War, ended the war and gave the United States freedom. Also, instead of Great Britain keeping Florida, the Treaty of Paris gave Florida back to the original owner, Spain.

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