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Apple Pie the most American Dessert? Or not?

Today I am writing about apple pie for my English class. Some people believe that the apple pie is way overrated and that people calling it the most American desert is dumb. I am not one of these people. I think that the apple pie is actually the most American dessert just like I believe that Baseball is the most American sport.

I think that apple pie is the most American desert because that is the way that I am being raised. I have never actually had apple pie. I think that this probably a good dessert but I believe that this is the most American dessert because from what my imagination has told me, in Baseball when you win you picture going out and getting some apple pie.

That reason is probably why I think that about apple pie is the most American dessert. I think that this is this way because, with the invention of Baseball, apple pie has been an American dessert. If this was to change, I don’t know what I would do.

Apple pie is one thing that I don’t think is going anywhere soon. If it were to stop being the most American dessert I don’t know what it’s replacement would be.

Apple pie has been in America since the first pilgrims. They actually used the pie part as a sort of “case” for the fruit. I found this interesting when I found out.

Apple Pie was one of the earliest pilgrims favorite desserts. I think that this is why Americans enjoy apple pie so much because it is kind of like a symbol of their heritage. I may be wrong in making that statement but I could actually end up being correct as well.

I think that saying that apple pie is the most American dessert is still accurate because, I think that people will always see this as a dessert that goes to their very roots. This is because pie was brought with the Pilgrims.

Apple Pie is also a way to get people to eat fruit. Some people might think that this is ridiculous. All I have to say to that is you are right actually. This is a little ridiculous, people don’t get pie for fruit. They usually get pie for a tasty treat.

All i’m saying is that fruit in crust? Why not!! Now let’s get serious. Pie is a dessert it’s not to be confused with something healthy. I get what people think when they see a pie, “OH Pie! Hey this one has fruit… It’s healthy let’s get it!” Wrong! Just because something has a healthy ingredient doesn’t, by definition, make that thing healthy.

Sure apples might taste better in a pie but, it is healthier by itself. Pie itself is pretty much bread fruit and a bunch of unhealthy ingredients. With all of those unhealthy ingredients they pretty much takes all of that healthy stuff and slam dunks it and gets negative points.

Plus pie shouldn’t be classified as anything but a dessert, unless it’s a Chicken Pot Pie. That is really the only exception for pies that aren’t dessert. The way that you can tell if something is a dessert or not is if you can put ice cream or whipped cream on the top and it still tastes good. This test doesn’t ever work for chicken pot pie.

Some people think that pie is just a gateway to obesity. I think that this can be accurate but, some people don’t get out and eat unhealthy ever. I don’t think that eating only healthy foods is being healthy. I think that you should get out and eat unhealthy foods every  once in awhile. I am not saying that you should always eat unhealthy foods but you should eat some every once in awhile.

Some people, I think, would not mind changing the most American dessert to something different. I think that this is fine as long as they don’t do it right this moment.

If I had the chance to do this I think that I would change the pie to Peach Cobbler. I would change it to this only because I have had this before and I really enjoy it.

Some people would change it to Cherry Pie because, who doesn’t like cherries?! I only have one problem with this. If it was changed to most American dessert, too many people would eat it a lot and obesity rates would rise.

I don’t mind people eating unhealthy. This is because it’s their own body but it bothers me to see so many people obese. I don’t think that when these people were kids they wanted to grow up and gain a lot of weight. I could be wrong though…

I think that Peach Cobbler would be a very good choice to choose to become the new most American dessert. I don’t know that anyone else would think the same about Peach Cobbler. I have a strange feeling that some people would be completely opposed to having Peach Cobbler as the most American dessert.

In conclusion, I think that apple pie is the most American dessert but, I think it is open for change. I also think that a change might be nice once in awhile. I don’t think that many people would mind having a change but it would be something that would have to be discussed thoroughly. I think that this apple pie will almost always keep its status and I think that it will be highly rewarded for keeping that status for so very long.

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