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When are people better at making decisions?

Today I am writing about whether or not I think that people are better at making decisions when they are neutral or when they have a set opinion, for English class. I don’t really have any evidence in my life, from things that I have seen around me, seeing as though I am only 13.

I think that this question is really a question of the situation. The reason that I say this is because sometimes there are things that would be better to stay neutral but some you need to have a position. Now there are some instances that are just too stupid or petty to have a stance on. For example, whether or not the Library is a good for budgeting. This is not something that you hear someone at Sippers arguing about.

I think that another thing that you should think about are the political debates about that subject going on at that time. That would be a good thing to pay attention to anyway but, you definitely should because if you are neutral with that no one will like it but it’s still fine. I think that if there is a debate going on about something big, you should think about looking into that and learn all that you can and then develop a stand point on it.

I also think that if you are going to do that you should think about who you hang out with and decide if they have similar stand-point as you or not. This is not a very big deal but it’s still something to know so that you don’t accidentally say something they don’t agree with and then start an argument and messn up your relationship. That isn’t really likely to happen because people tend to make friends with similar political status as yourself.

In conclusion, it really depends on the situation in which you have to decide on neutral or stand. It really is a situation. It is also something that needs time to decide.

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