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Do people value things more when they worked hard for them?

Today I am writing about whether or not people value things the things that they earned through hard work. I think this is something that depends on the history of the object. I think that if you bought something at the store you aren’t likely to value it unless it was expensive. This is an assignment for my English class.

I think that if someone worked their butts off to earn something they will value that a lot more than someone who just picked it up off the street. If you were to spend 3 years trying to earn 400,000 dollars, you would value that money a lot and probably save it. Now if someone were to have not earned it and it was just given to them, like everything else, would not value that money as much.

If you were to be given something, such as a family heirloom, I think that you would treasure that item and you would also value that item above all others. The reason that I say this is because family heirlooms are usually something that would make you feel a deep connection with your family. I think that if you had a family heirloom that heirloom would be something that you would look at everyday and feel a great feeling that you get when you have something special.

In conclusion, I think that if you don’t earn something then it isn’t really valued as high as most things unless it’s a family heirloom. This isn’t the only thing that you would value without earning it, you may value your relationship with your parents or grandparents. You may value a tree that you got when you were very young. So it doesn’t necessarily have to be earned for you to value it you just have to have a connection with the item.

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