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Should you always tell the truth?

Today I am writing about telling the truth in every situation for my English class. I think that it is a good idea to tell the truth. I don’t think that you should always tell the truth, what I mean is that there are certain situations where you can tell white lies.

For example if your wife or girlfriend asks you if she looks fat and is it isn’t that good of an idea to say, “YES you are fat you need to go to the gym woman!” That would not be a good idea at all. That is one of the situations that you should probably tell and white lie for.

One situation that you should tell the truth for is if you did something wrong and someone confronts you on it. That is something that you shouldn’t lie about because the result can be worse than the original punishment. A white lie is sometimes acceptable but in this situation it is not.

A white lie for a birthday gift is fine. This is also acceptable for Christmas gifts. This is only fine because surprises are wanted and encouraged in these holidays. These are something that if you tell you ruin the holiday for everyone and it bites you, hard.

In conclusion, it is really up to situation for honesty. For me, the golden rule has almost always been , “Honesty is the best policy,” I still hold this to heart. If you don’t think that this is something to think about then it’s up to you to see the consequences. If you like this essay please leave a comment for me. If you don’t like this leave a comment why and I will try to make it better. Also leave some situations when you lied and something good or bad happened or when you told the truth.

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