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Do we learn more from our Mistakes or our Successful Actions?

Today I am writing an essay about whether or not people learn more from their mistakes or their successful actions. I think that this is a very good topic to talk about because some people have different outlooks on this topic. For instance, I think that you learn more mistakes. Where someone else that didn’t grow up the way that I am may say that they learn more from their successful actions rather than their mistakes.

I think that people learn more from their mistakes. I think that this is true because mistakes are things that everyone makes and the key, I have always been told anyway, is to learn from our mistakes. I also think that people make mistakes all the time. People aren’t successful so they don’t really learn from them that much. The thing about this is that when people are successful then they may or may not learn from their success. I think that you should learn from your success because then you will now how to do that very same thing again and you will earn more money or rewards.

I think that learning from mistake sounds rather stupid at first. Once you get past that you realize that you really do learn from your mistakes. I say this because barely anyone is going to do something stupid and get punished and then do it again just to get punished. People learn from pain, when you get hurt by something you know not to that again.

In conclusion, people learn more from their mistakes. This is because people typically don’t enjoy pain. If you liked this post please like and leave comments. If you don’t like this please leave a comment on why and I will get back to you on that.

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