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What gives people more pleasure and Satisfaction: The pursuit of our desires or the attainment of them?

Today I am writing about the pursuit and attainment of our desires and which gives more pleasure or satisfaction for my English class. I would assume, just based off of common logic and people that I have come into contact with, that people get more pleasure from the attainment of their desires. I would only assume such a straightforward statement like that because the people that I have met throughout my life are typically selfish and lazy.

The only reason that I assume this is because people tend to not enjoy that hard work that is needed before the pay off. People usually don’t enjoy work and they quit “before time is called.” Some people don’t want to work hard and earn what they want they just want to be “entitled” to things. The people that feel this way are wrong because you aren’t entitled to anything and if you think that you are, well you’re wrong.

The pursuit of people’s desires is quite often the “hard” part and the part that people dislike the most. That is why people don’t really want  to do the work involved in attaining their desires. I think that people should suck it up and deal with the pain of trying to get something that you really want or need.

I don’t know what everyone else believes but I believe that the attainment of our desires is what we, as human beings, look forward to. Nobody says, “You know what, I want to go do some ruthlessly hard work to occupy myself, just for fun.” That just doesn’t make sense to do so that is where my train of thought takes me.

When I read books, people don’t enjoy doing hard work. That is why they have others do their homework. They do that for two reasons, to stay in school and to get out of doing the work. I don’t think that they are doing the right thing because they are not proving that they can get through life without going into too much debt. These are the people that are most likely not going to school for as long as they need to be.

In that same situation, the people doing the homework aren’t doing the other person any favors at all really. This is because, they might be smart but the others aren’t and they won’t be able to get help from the teacher because the teacher will think everyone knows the concepts.

You see this kind of interaction all the time in movies. This is because most people don’t like work. They don’t like to work because it takes lots of time and effort to do something and the payoff isn’t always very big. When there isn’t the incentive of a big reward people aren’t convinced that work may be their best bet. I think that this is a very big mistake on their part because work is almost always the best way to do something.

When people try to cheat the system the system doesn’t work for them anymore. This is bad because the system is what many people base their entire lives on. Some people are like me and believe that hard work, in the end, pays off even if it’s not a big payoff it is still a payoff. The payoff often isn’t large enough to get teens or young adults interested. That is one of the main problems in this society people want things handed to them on a silver platter. Well I’ve got news for those of you who believe that’s how it should be, you are wrong this country was founded by those who had to do a lot of hard work to found this country.

When people cheat life and don’t do hard work, they are only hurting themselves. They hurt themselves because they won’t the value of hard work while others will. This is bad because if they don’t know the value of hard work then they will think that everything is going to be easy and spoonfed to them. They are sorely mistaken if they believe in that and they will have a tough time trying to catch up to everyone else.

In some movies and books we see people change from the bully to the bullied person. I think that this is possible but it is very unlikely. Once you go on that path of “evil” you walk a completely different path than you were meant to. Even when you change sides then you will still be behind everyone else in your age range. People who think that they can skip school every day for two months and can make it up in three days are very very wrong.

I think that everyone has a choice. You can be that guy that doesn’t do anything and still gets through school and then fails at life. Or you can be the guy that pays attention works hard gets through school gets a good job and wife and succeeds. I think that everyone wants to be the latter, nobody would really enjoy the former because you fail and nobody likes to fail.

I think that people should really think long and hard about how they want to live their lives. If you don’t want to fail then work hard if you don’t care then don’t do anything. People should think about whether or not they want to do well in life or if they just want to make it through school in order to get your diploma. If you are the latter then you should try to get your act together and pass school but make sure that you are still doing well in life.

In conclusion, most people get more pleasure from the attainment of their desires. Some people get more pleasure from the pursuit of their desires. I am one of the rare few in the middle. I don’t think that people really want to do work just for fun but some do. Please like and leave comments. If you don’t like this please leave a comment on why.

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