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In an Emergency, is it better to make a quick instinctive action or a well thought-out response?

Today I am writing an essay about emergency situation responses for my English class. I think that this is a great topic to think about and take into consideration. I think that this really depends on the situation that you are put into. You could be in a situation where reanimated velociraptors are out to get you, I think that you would probably go with an instinctive action in that case!

The reason that I say that this is all about the situation that you are put into is because, there are some instances where it would be better to have a quick reaction and some where it’s better to have a long well planned response. The situation can be one where your survival is on the line . In this case you should probably come up with several plans of action. For example, if you have a monster army coming after you, it would probably be a good idea to A) Have a group and B) Have several ways that you can get out of trouble if your original plan fails.

To elaborate on the multiple plan statement that I made earlier, I think that this could be very beneficial if you need to make sure that you escape with your live(s). I say,that if you can come up with one plan, good job but, you should really shoot for two or three. This would be good because then you have multiple chances to survive. This is also assuming that this is a life or death situation. If this is just a game or practise scenario, you still need to try hard to prepare because these situations are very physically and mentally draining so, you need to be prepared to deal with these feelings and exhaustion.

Your mind and body will be your most valuable and needed parts of the plan. Your body will need to be physically fit and ready/ prepared to deal with a lot of physical activity. You will also need to be able to come up with successful plans on the spot. To practise that, I suggest doing improvisation. Improvisation is typically an acting practise. This is used to come up with things on the spot (In case you didn’t know). You will also need to be able to think of plans that need time to create faster. This is because you may or may not be in a limited time scenario so, I think, it would be better to practise like you will always be in this situation.  You will always need to be able to pull on a resource in your body so that you can function when others normally wouldn’t.

Also, when you are in a group, you should think of everyone’s capabilities. If you are not in a group where everyone is physically prepared for a physical activity, you should be prepared to alter your plan accordingly to accommodate for their insufficiencies. This is very important because if you can’t do this and alter your plan, then you will not be able to leave the situation and say everyone made it out alive. Then again this may be something you can say but, the person (or people) could have gotten very hurt.

You need to think about how intricate you plan is. When you do this you need to make sure that it isn’t something that can go wrong with one loose string. Also you need to learn how to fix the plan accordingly when or if the plan does go wrong. If this is a plan that you think is perfect then it is probably a good idea to come up with another plan just in case. I say this because usually when people think their plans are perfect they are majorly flawed but sometimes that actually isn’t the case but that’s rare.

In conclusion, you need to have a mixture of quick on your feet thinking and long thought -out plans. I also think that if you are in a group then you can make a quick plan put it in action and let someone else come up with a longer plan as a back up. As always please like or dislike and always leave comments.

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