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When we need advice are we least willing to listen to the advice given, or are we always open to it?

Today I am writing about advice, for my English class. I think that most people are open to advice until they actually need the advice. Advice, from your elders, is usually taken for granted because you get it all the time even when it’s not needed. Some people do see the value in advice and will always pay attention to when advice is given.

When you think about advice what do you think? Well, some people will think a nice chat with your mom, dad, grandparent, etc. While others may think of a long lecture about one thing that goes on to another completely different subject. I believe that advice whether from you sister that’s a single year older than you to your grandparents, it is still valuable. Advice is something that should not be taken for granted because once it’s given it cannot be taken back, unless something in the economy changes to make the statement incorrect.

Most of the time advice is given to young teenagers, like myself, who have an attention span smaller that a puppies. This is because in this day and age, there is so much technology around kids that they don’t have any single thing to focus on. That being said, teens are usually going to have plans every night and then once someone steps in to say something, it is not valued because they aren’t paying attention to the advice giver but rather the party time and their hair. This is messed up because that person has a life and feelings as well as the teen and the way that the teen blew them off is wrong because eventually the teen will experience the same thing that that person did, or something similar to it.

Another thing to think about is this, how often does the person need advice? If you need advice everyday for a legitimate reason, okay that’s a little extravagant but at least you are getting ready for your future. Now, if you need advice everyday for something stupid like what chocolate bar is the best to buy after work, that is useless and dumb.

In conclusion, I think that you should always welcome advice when it is being given. Also, if you are constantly asking for advice, you need to tone it down until it’s a legitimate thing that you need help on. To think that kids aren’t taking the advice and saving it for the future, it’s upsetting and should try to be helped. Please like or dislike and always, always, always leave comments.

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