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The Life of Napoleon

Today I am writing about the life of Napoleon Bonaparte for my history class. Napoleon is one of the most skilled and widely known generals that the world has ever seen. I think that Napoleon is very skilled at tactics for war but not very skilled with personal skills.

Napoleon was born in 1769 in Corsica. He studies military tactics as a boy and his father enrolled him in French Military School at age 15. Napoleon did very well at the school and eventually graduated a year later, at 16 years- old, with the rank of Second Lieutenant of Artillery. That rank may not seem very substantial but it is very important and hard to achieve.

Napoleon was not very popular in France at the beginning of his career. Most of the time he was off at war or just having a normal life. Eventually he got promoted and started bringing in many victories for France. Very soon the people of France started to really like Napoleon and so his popularity increased. This will be good for him if he wants to take over France’s government!

At this time the government of France is known as the Directory. France wasn’t really liking the Directory very much at the time. This is what Napoleon used to his advantage. Napoleon decided to take over the government and pressured the Directory to resign. It took a little bit of pushing but considering the fact that almost all of France liked Napoleon, the Directory was forced to resign.

Napoleon was a war monger. He enjoyed war and especially the outcome of winning. This being said, Napoleon started many wars and won many and with these wins, came the spoils of war, land. At the peak of the Napoleon’s empire, France had control of a lot of Europe. Once they had control of that much land, the power of Napoleon’s empire began to decline.

Soon, the people of France started to get mad at Napoleon because he was always starting war. The French started trying to tell Napoleon to stop starting wars but he wouldn’t listen. Instead of taking it slow Napoleon decided to go charge into Russia. Most people know that Russia has a very strong military force but, Napoleon still managed to fight through and get to Moscow. All the while, he is losing men each fight and is suddenly down to a very low percentage of what he had when he started. Instead of turning and retreating, he stayed and fought. Rather than giving the city to Napoleon the Russians burnt their city. For 5 weeks, Napoleon waited but to no avail, the Russians would not surrender. Soon Napoleon felt snow, and stopped all supplies from coming in and started sending wounded men out of Moscow. He then starts getting ready to withdraw.

After this disastrous campaign, Napoleon was exiled from France and sent to the Mediterranean island Elba. While Napoleon went there, his wife and son fled to Russia where Napoleon’s wife was born. When Napoleon was exiled Elba, he was allowed to rule over the island’s 12,000 people. While this may or may not be a punishment, he was allowed to keep his title “emperor”. Soon Napoleon escaped Elba and went back to France where he was welcomed wholeheartedly. As soon as he arrived he was promoted back to emperor of France and was back to doing the same things he did in his first term.

Almost immediately, Napoleon had his men move out and start war. The war was known as the Battle of Waterloo. This battle was between France and Britain. Eventually, the British forced Napoleon to renounce France and his throne, and was exiled to the British island St. Helena where he later died in 1821.

In conclusion, I think that Napoleon Bonaparte was a great tactician but not very personable. Napoleon practically wrote his own future and paid very bad prices. Please like or dislike and leave comments on this essay.

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