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Does Complaining help get you what you want?

Today I am writing about whether or not we should complain in order to get what we want, for my English class. I think that complaining is annoying and a sign of immaturity. When kids complain it shows that they don’t really work to get what it is they want. This is just my opinion and this is why.

When you complain what good comes out of it? For me it’s a firm “NO,” and that is fine with me. I don’t think that complaining ends in a good and satisfying result. When people complain they may get the thing they want but they don’t learn valuable lessons for life. All that they learn is that people will do things for you if you complain and whine. This is not a healthy practice in my eyes because then you won’t ever be able to do things for yourself and you may even give into the complaining of someone else in the future.

Another question, is there a better solution? I think this is a good question because if you don’t have any better way to get the thing you want, then it’s probably a good idea to avoid complaining but maybe you should. If you think that you should complain then you should try it and see what happens. If you get what you want then you should stop because it may be good at first but in the long- run it won’t be good for you.

What are you complaining about? If you are complaining about a toy, you shouldn’t complain you should suck it up and earn the money to get it yourself. If you are complaining about something else like leaving a friend’s house, you should look at it like you are leaving for a little bit. In that case, nobody likes to leave people that you have fun with but you have to do it someday.

How often do you complain? This is something you should ask yourself before you complain. If you are always complaining then maybe you should tone it down. If you don’t ever complain maybe if you ask politely you could possibly have a chance to get the object you want. (Note to parents: I am not trying to get them to do anything to disrupt their loyalty to you. I hope that while they may read this you read it as well in order to find out what they may or may not do.)

In conclusion, I think that you should only complain where absolutely necessary. If you always complain then you should stop. IF you never complain, good job keep it up and ask. Please leave comments and like or dislike. I hope you enjoyed this essay. Kids: I hope that you don’t do anything against your parents, always listen to them.

Until next time, your friendly neighborhood Homeschooler…



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