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Does working with others lead to Better results than acting as an individual?

Today I am writing about when you get better results for my English class. I think that this is a very loose question. I think this because there are many possible explanations for this. One could be the people really like each other, as friends, and so they get things done better and faster together. This is my own thought- out opinion and here is why.

If you are working with a group that you don’t like, then you are less likely to produce good results that make sense and are correct. If you are working with your arch-enemy on trying to find the cure for cancer, you will never find the cure because you will always fight over who is right and who is wrong. If you are working with a very smart person who happens to be your best friend then you may have a chance at finding that cure. (Disclaimer: This is not actually proven, just because your best friend is a genius doesn’t mean that you will find the cure for cancer if you work together. Good luck if you want to try though!)

If you are working on something like Cancer, then you may end up not doing very well. I say this because this isn’t an elementary school Science Fair. This is something that will probably be almost impossible for you to comprehend and might even get you to become very irritable. I say that because the project may take unexpected turns and then you might be fine with it but when it happens a lot you will get angry at it and possibly quit.

The last thing that I want to talk about is the length of the project. If you have been working on this project for 3 years and you haven’t discovered anything at all on the subject, you will be very upset with yourself. If have been working on a project for that long by yourself you will probably never get as good results as someone who has a group. If you you have a group then you will probably get better results, on a long project, than if you were by yourself.

In conclusion, I think that it is better to work in a group for some situations. These situations may not all be the same and some of them may be different for other people. If you work better alone, then you probably won’t have the same problems in a group than someone who works better in a group that is by themselves. For example, let’s say you work better alone, and you are working on trying to cure a rapidly changing virus in a group. You won’t have trouble getting your own research but then you will have to deal with everyone else getting their work done. Do you see where this is going? I hope you do because that could be someone in your own life right now. Please like or dislike and always leave comments!

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19 thoughts on “Does working with others lead to Better results than acting as an individual?

  1. What style of guitar do you play? My brothers and I play blugrass together. I play fiddle. I also play in a orchestra. What grade are you in? I’m in 7th.


    1. I play Electric Guitar mostly lead for Classic Rock, for now. That’s cool! I am in 8th grade. What is it like playing in an orchestra? I play guitar with my whole family, immediate family that is.


      1. That sounds pretty cool! Is classical rock like Lindsey Sterling or what?
        Playing in the orchestra is really cool! Last year, we played part of the Pirates of the Carribean soundtrack! It was super cool! Does your family have a band?


      2. Classic Rock is like Johnny Cash, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and other stuff like that. That sounds AWESOME! I heard something like that once I thought it was cool. My family doesn’t have a band we started playing guitar like two months ago so… I want to start a band though.


      3. I do the RPC forums a lot. My username on that is cfennell if you want to talk through that, or you can email me through the email on the contact page of this blog.


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