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Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea

Today I am writing about the characters from the book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, by Jules Verne for my English class. I really enjoyed this book. In this book, the main characters Professor Aronnax, Ned Land, and Conseil get swept away aboard the Nautilus with the mysterious Captain Nemo. Along the way, we learn much about the characters. This is what I got from the book.

My first character is Professor Aronnax. Professor Aronnax is a very intelligent Ichthyologist. An Ichthyologist is someone who studies the animals of the sea, primarily fish. Professor Aronnax, as we discovered throughout the story, is a rather “quick study.” We found this out because he discovered how much of the Nautilus worked without the information being provided. Granted most of what Aronnax learned was because of Captain Nemo’s generosity in releasing that information. Professor Aronnax isn’t much like the other characters because he is not as outgoing and open about his opinions as Ned Land and Captain Nemo. I guess Aronnax is most like Conseil. This is mostly because they have the same interests. Conseil is basically Professor Aronnax’s “Squire.” I say this because Conseil is like an Ichthyologist in training.  Professor Aronnax is also similar to Ned Land because they are both brave. Ned Land is actually substantially braver than Professor Aronnax is, they still have that in common. Although Professor Aronnax has these friends, besides Conseil, he never would have met them if he hadn’t been on that ship with them.

The next character that I have is Ned Land. Most people like Ned Land but not very much seeing as though they know more about Professor Aronnax and Conseil. Ned land is a harpooner, which means that he uses a long spear like item to “harpoon” whales for the skin and other valuables from whales. Because of this intense job, Ned Land has very strong muscles and keen eyesight. These give Ned an advantage over all of the other characters except maybe Captain Nemo. Ned and Captain Nemo both feel very passionately towards the sea. (I suppose that’s why Captain Nemo lives in the sea… hmmm). Ned Land, I think, would be secluded similarly if he wasn’t stuck with Professor Aronnax and Captain Nemo but since he was, he would never do such a thing to his wife because he knows the horrors that come from such a life. Another thing that Ned has in common with Professor Aronnax is their strong-will. I know this because, the very first time that these two met they argued about the Nautilus, not knowing that it was a ship and thinking it was a giant whale. Professor Aronnax argued that it was real and gave reasons why it was, at the time the Nautilus hadn’t made an appearance in a while and people were getting to the point where they thought it was completely fake, while Ned Land stayed obstinate and stated flatly that it could not be a real creature and that it doesn’t make sense to argue that it exists.

The final character today is Captain Nemo. Captain Nemo is a very mysterious character and not much is known about him. The Captain is a very secretive man because, I think, that something happened to him in his past and he doesn’t want any part of a civilization that would do something like that. I think that what he did as a solution is a little extreme but, he lives his life the way he wants to and I live mine how I want to. The Captain could be a figment of all of their– Professor Aronnax, Conseil, and Ned Land– imaginations, I doubt it because it’s unlikely that they would all have the same vision. The only thing that supports this majorly is the fact that the whole story is narrated but Professor Aronnax. This would be used as evidence that he made it all up and that he is crazy. I don’t think that this is the answer to why the story seems rather absurd, but it is a logical solution for someone to get and I get where they are coming from.

In conclusion, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne, is great piece of literature. I think that all kids from 6th grade up should read this. I said 6th because there is some death. Please leave comments or email me through the email on the “Contact” page. Please like or dislike.

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    1. Yeah, I have been told that the movie isn’t very good… I haven’t seen it personally. Fortunately I have had the pleasure of reading the book! I think that you should read it it’s wonderfully written and it’s a great piece of literature.


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