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Out On the Pampas: Characters

Today I am writing about the main characters from the book Out On the Pampas by G.A. Henty. These characters have their own unique way of thinking and way that they act but they are very similar too.

To start, we introduce Mr. Hardy. Mr. Hardy is a very intelligent man. When we first met Mr. Hardy he was talking with the Mrs and they got to thinking about moving out of their town/city. Mr. Hardy then found good land for cheap, and bought it. One day he told the kids about what he had done and they loved the idea. I didn’t know what was going to happen but it seemed like a very smart idea. Mr. Hardy then came up with a plan. This plan was very well- thought out and displayed his intelligence very well. Mr. Hardy then showed that his plan would take a while and got the children to start preparing their minds and bodies for the harsh change in scenery. In order to prepare the boys, he had to get them into gardening lessons and construction lessons. Charley, the oldest boy, really enjoyed the construction and Hubert, really liked gardening. Eventually the boys’ minds became keener and their bodies became more fit and able to do intense things. Mr. Hardy also taught the boys to shoot. He had to teach them this because then they would be able to protect the family when Mr. Hardy wasn’t around. Charley and Hubert eventually became good shots and they “graduated” their shooting class with an “A.”

The next character is Mrs. Hardy. While Mrs. Hardy isn’t a worker like Mr. Hardy she still has an important role in this story. Mrs. Hardy is important because she teaches the girls, Ethel and Maud, how to cook. While cooking may seem like it doesn’t matter, it does because Mrs. Hardy may not always be there to cook the meals so someone needs to be there that can cook and fix the Hardy boys meals. (Get it Hardy boys?! Like the series!) Mrs. Hardy also needs defending. The reason is because, she doesn’t know how to shoot or build anything to defend herself. So, when the girls found out that the boys were shooting, they asked if they could learn too. Mr. Hardy reluctantly agreed and so the girls learned how to defend their mother if the need should arise.

The next character is Hubert. Hubert is important because he is the family gardener. If Hubert hadn’t taken to gardening like he did, the family would be half starved. Because of that fact right there, that makes Hubert an important part of the story line. Hubert is the brother of Charley, Maud, and Ethel and he is one of the most important people in the entire family. (Not that anyone isn’t important) I think that if Hubert could learn how to cook as well as garden, he would be very valuable to everyone.

The next character is Charley, Charley is the eldest child. Although he is older, he doesn’t have many more responsibilities than Hubert, Ethel, or Maud. Charley is the constructor, he makes most of the fences and buildings and contraptions around the house.Without Charley the plants that Hubert grows would be useless. I say that because when the Indians come they could have easily contaminated the food supply. Charley is also a really good shot, when he’s not being chased by Indians. Charley is the character that takes care of the rest of the kids. Although they are all competent, they do need someone who can act as a sort of leader for the rest of the kids. I think that Charley is one of the more leader type characters like his father.

In this book, Mr. Hardy and the family move from the city to a place out in nowhere. Also known as the Pampas. The Pampas is an area of unsettled land. The land is fertile and easy to cultivate and it’s cheap in some areas. The only problem with the land is the natives. They want the newcomers out, but they won’t leave. Mr. Hardy prepares his children for what may come hoping that it doesn’t happen.

In conclusion, Out on the Pampas is an interesting piece of literature. I did not enjoy this book as much as I did Twenty Thousand Leagues under The Sea and A tale Of Two Cities. Although I didn’t enjoy this book very much it still is a good piece of literature and I recommend that you read this as soon as possible.



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