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Are most of the items people buy totally unnecessary?

Today I am writing about the necessity of the items people buy for my English class. I think that most of the things that people buy, are actually not needed. I think this because not very many people go to the store with a set shopping list, don’t get me wrong some people do, but not everyone does. Since this is the case, people end up buying things that they don’t need at all. I think that even you, yourself, are probably guilty of this very thing. Although you don’t think about it right this very second, you probably will go to the store, sometime in the near future, and see something cool that you would want, as you see that object you try to justify the purchase in your head. The next thing that happens, is that you can’t actually justify the purchase and you still buy the object and don’t ever even use it.

This is a major problem for many people because they do this too often. If you find yourself doing this, you may need to go to the store with a set list and not stray too far away from it. The problem that happens to many people is that they stray one item away from the list, and the next time it’s two items, and so on and so forth. I don’t want this to happen to you so work your way up from a couple more items than were not originally on the list. Since many people spend their money on things they don’t actually need, they waste their hard earned money. I don’t think that too many people fall into financial trouble because of buying unnecessary items.

In conclusion, I think that many people actually do buy mostly unnecessary items. I think this is because most people see many things that they want but they can’t justify it but really want it and buy it. I know that when I have have money, it “Burns a Hole in my pocket” because of that, I buy things that I don’t actually need. I hope that you enjoyed this essay, please like or dislike, if you are disliking this essay tell me through the comments. If you have any feelings about this essay, whether positive or negative, leave a comment explaining and I will get back to you. Please subscribe to this blog as well!

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