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Abraham Lincoln

Today I am writing about the life of our 16th POTUS (President Of The United States) Abraham Lincoln. I am writing this essay for my History class. Now, most you know of Abraham Lincoln because of his work trying to free the slaves. Or, some you may know him because of his assassination  by the hands of John Wilkes Booth.

Lincoln was, obviously, the 16th President. He was born in 1809 in Kentucky to Thomas  and Nancy Lincoln, at the time one of the wealthiest farming families. Unfortunately the Lincolns faced some legal problems and lost their land. Once this happened Thomas Lincoln moved his family to Indiana.

Lincoln’s education was a rather strange one. Most people thought that maybe he was taught in a school or by his parents but no. He was actually, for the most part, self-taught. He had very little schoolhouse learning. I think that he must be very good at self-teaching because, he even taught himself law! One of the reasons that Lincoln was successful in that field was because of his immense size. He often scared other lawyers with his height of 6”4’ and his brawn. He was also a pretty good lawyer for being self-taught.

One of Lincoln’s most famous speeches was the House Divided speech. Based on the time period, I think most of you can guess what this speech was about but if you can’t, here it is. It means that, Lincoln was just realizing that in this conflict, one side had to come out on top. Otherwise the country was going to be torn apart. Although, Lincoln wasn’t the best President, by any means, he still did his part in trying to keep the country as a whole, mostly.

Lincoln had a series of debates with a man named Douglas. These were called the Lincoln-Douglas debates. There were seven total. They were publicly spoken and recorded on paper by the news. The news for both sides did edit their sides words to make it seem better than it was and then left the other sides words alone. This way they make their side look better than the other side and thus, promote your views.

Lincoln didn’t have a big position on slavery for most of his life. He only made his position once he was President. Although, that’s true he didn’t make it immediately either. He wanted to try whatever he could to stop the war to come. I think that this was a good idea because it significantly delayed the war from happening. If he had chosen his position earlier the battle would have gone on sooner and probably would’ve been over faster too. Lincoln’s position was anti-slavery, but he wasn’t a major abolitionist like most people at the time were.

Lincoln’s primary goal as president was not to abolish slavery, like most people think. His primary goal was to actually prevent a war between the states. He was trying whatever would work so that he could keep the country out of conflict at the time. Obviously, that didn’t work. He didn’t think that abolishing slavery was the best idea but it wasn’t the worst either.

When Lincoln was killed, it sent a message to all of America. This was the first time a President had been assassinated in public, and it scared people. The culprit was none other than John Wilkes Booth, a leading slave owner. His original plan was not to kill the President but to kidnap him first. I guess that plan was thrown away.

In conclusion, Lincoln was a pretty good President. He did have his ups and downs but so does everyone. He was self-taught so maybe he even taught himself how to be a good President. Please like and subscribe to my blog if you would like to read more from me. If you didn’t enjoy this please leave a comment explaining why and what you think would make it better. Thank you!



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