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My Achievable Business Idea

Today I am writing about an achievable business that I could run for personal finance. I think that a lemonade stand would be good for me. I know that this is one of the most cliche that you can get. The only reason that I decided to go with this is because at my current stage, most other businesses would require me to learn more about them. So, this is the best thing that I can do.

One name that I could do is call it my “Lemonade Empire” or something like that. I only consider names this early because then it might make it even easier to get started running a business. If I can come up with names now and choose the right one, I think that I would be better off when I actually start because then all I have to do is get the materials. The materials are the ingredients for the lemonade and the stand. I would also need a sign to show what’s being sold if people don’t know already. Most little kids start doing any kind of business with a lemonade stand, because of this I guess I am a little bit late. Although I may be late, I don’t care because I am still learning the same thing just later in life.

In conclusion, I think that the best type of business for me is a lemonade stand. This definitely is one of the most cliche business ideas that you can have but I think that for me, right now, is the best thing for me. Please like and subscribe to this blog for more. If you weren’t all that interested in this blog post please read some others to get an understanding for the other things that I write. If you still don’t care for them that’s cool. See you next time!



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