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Is it more Courageous to show Strength or Vulnerability?

Hey guys! This is my essay on whether or not showing vulnerability is more courageous than showing strength. I think that this question is a “no-brainer” to me because showing strength is something that everyone does every day. I only say this because showing vulnerability is something that no one wants to do. This is especially true when a guy is around a girl that they like. This is because when they are around her they want to show how manly or masculine they are. I see this all the time, or I used to at least when I went to public school. If I didn’t see this at school, I would probably see this in movies or T.V shows. So, this is everywhere in this world. My name is Caleb, also known as Homeschooled Hero and this is my essay! I hope that you enjoy this essay.

To me, showing vulnerability is much more difficult than showing strength. This is because almost everyone is afraid of rejection. So, when someone shows vulnerability they use up all of their courage to do that. Then, they hope with all of their entity that the person they showed didn’t laugh at them or just act like they didn’t exist. So, that is why most people decide to just stick with showing strength to their friends and girlfriends or boyfriends. Now, in the previous paragraph I might have made it seem like it is only men who try to show how strong they are and hide their vulnerability, but they aren’t women do it as well. This may surprise you, but women do actually try to hide their vulnerability, but some are more successful than others. I am not trying to say that women are just big softies who can’t do anything to hide how vulnerable they are, because not all of them are. Don’t get me wrong, some of them are like that.

Now, when a person shows strength sometimes this makes people want to avoid that person. Because of this, that person then labels themselves as a loner. Once they do that, then they actually become loners and they don’t like anybody and they end up never doing anything as well as they could have. Showing strength can be a good or bad thing but one thing is known, whatever you choose show (Strength or vulnerability) that choice has serious repercussions so it is a good thing if you choose what you show wisely. All in all whatever you choose it will affect the rest of your life and that can be too much for some people. If I were in that situation, I think that I would try to stay somewhere in between so that I do pretty well. Although I say that now, I have no idea how I would actually act in that situation. (You would probably say the same thing unless you know yourself perfectly, which nobody really does.)

Now, I don’t think that you should project yourself in a way that shows yourself differently than you actually are. The problem with doing that, is that when you show up, they will expect someone else that isn’t you. So, unless you are a really top notch actor, you shouldn’t do that. Actually, you shouldn’t do that even if you are a top notch actor. That way whenever you slip, which will happen eventually, they won’t hate you forever. What I mean by slip is not to fall but to say something that isn’t like the you that they know. I don’t think that it is a good idea to pretend that you are something that you aren’t unless you are doing it for a production such as a movie or play.

When people pretend to be something that they aren’t, and it isn’t for entertainment purposes (and I don’t mean personal entertainment) it really infuriates me. So I hope that you aren’t doing that and if you are, just know that eventually the person you are pretending in front of, will find out eventually. Then everything will be messed up for you and you won’t really enjoy that part of the situation.

In conclusion, I think that it is much more courageous to show vulnerability than it is to show strength. I don’t know what you guys think about this topic but I would love to, please let me know in the comments below. Please like and don’t forget to subscribe. I am Homeschooled Hero and I hope that you enjoyed this essay.

Until next time, your friendly neighborhood Homeschooler…



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