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Writing a Book

Hey guys, so in case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted a weekly essay like I usually do for English. This is because, for English, I am currently working on a book. I can’t say much about it, so here is an excerpt to get you hooked:

“All throughout his life he has been pulled out of schools and put into new ones. Every time he leaves one it is because he can’t be taught to read. The strangest thing is, he is wonderful at mathematics. James eventually got tired of taking George out of schools all of the time, so he started homeschooling George.

It wasn’t very common for kids to be homeschooled at George’s age, but George had heard stories of some kids who did. Then one day, George met Lucas Photman. Lucas was an American- Scottish boy of George’s age. James had to explain to both boys that they were “brothers” George didn’t completely buy into it but Lucas did. From that point on George and Lucas were best friends who treated each other as if they were brothers.”

This is something that I am writing without any help from others, so please enjoy!”

The book is scheduled for release in 3 to 4 weeks. I will make sure to update you as we go along in case anything happens to change.

Until next time, your friendly neighborhood Homeschooler…



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9 thoughts on “Writing a Book

      1. Thank you very much, do you have any suggestions for me? Maybe some things to change in order to make it flow more or make more sense? If not that is fine but if you have anything I would appreciate it! Again thank you!


      2. Maybe you could use Grammary. It’s a free program that underlines the grammatical errors, typos, repeated words etc. I noticed a few things like that which could be fixed. It might help make the book a little bit better. It edits wordpress, the rpc forums, and lots of other things. I use it and like it a lot! 🙂


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