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A Brief History of World War 1

Hey guys so today I have been assigned to write about World War 1. World War 1 was the worst war that had happened in the entire world at the time. We all know that World War 2, which came just 20 years later, was much worse. World War 1 is known as, “The War to end all Wars.” World War 1 is one of the wars that began the string of wars that we saw after. Once this one happened several political events occurred causing the next years to be full of wars. However interesting that may be to you, this essay is not about that so, hold off on that. So get ready to go back in time, learn a little about World War 1, and find out what makes America great!

The final spark that started the war was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife by Serbian citizens. In Germany, there were two states. The two states were Austria- Hungary and Prussia. Well they weren’t really inside of Germany, but they were German states. These two states started fighting in 1866 which was then called the Austro- Prussian War. In the end of the war, the main winner was Prussia. After this war the League of 3 Emperors came into place. The 3 groups in the League of 3 Emperors were Prussia, Russia, and Austria- Hungary. This was an Alliance that was created in order for Prussia to start reforming into a bigger size. Another alliance formed was the Triple Alliance. This involved Prussia, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. Russia realized that they were in danger. Although they had an alliance with Prussia, that could break at any moment. So, Russia created an alliance with France called the Franco-Russian Alliance. France agreed with Russia that they were threatened by the quick growth of Prussia.

Before the war even began, Germany was known as Prussia. When Prussia started fading it became Germany by creating “truces” with other nations around it, in order for it to catch up with all of the other nations in the world. When it did that, it started to advance fast. While it was doing that, it scared many nations. Eventually it got so bad that they started a war against Prussia/ Germany. The very first battle of World War 1 was, the Battle of Liege. This war surprised many nations. The main reason that it surprised many nations, was because it didn’t take place in an area known as the Balkans, but rather, the previously- neutral Belgium. After Germany had the Battle of Liege, Britain (Also previously-neutral) declared war on Germany. Now, to make this as clear as possible, Britain only declared war as an act of self defense. This makes more sense when I say it this way, when Germany invaded neutral Belgium, Britain realized that if Belgium wasn’t safe as neutral neither were they. When you think about it, they were actually being very smart when they did this, because had Britain not gotten into the war, the war could’ve turned out much differently than it did.

The next major battle of World War 1 was the Battle of Tannenberg. This was a battle where Germany took on Russia. When you think about it, it wouldn’t have been a good idea. This was however a good idea because Russia couldn’t move very fast. Plus, they only had to armies. Germany could move fast and they took advantage of that. When the Russian first was distracted and needed reinforcements, Germany cut off the incoming Russian second and destroyed them. Then Germany went after the Russian first and destroyed them too. Since the results of the battle were so bad for the Russian armies, Russia was pretty much out of the war for a very long time.

The next battle, for today, was the Battle of Jutland. This battle involved Germany and Britain. This battle was the only significant Naval battle. In this battle, Germany only had 99 ships and Britain had 151. Now as we will see, numbers aren’t everything. At the end of the battle, Germany had lost 11 mostly small ships, and Britain had lost 14 mostly large and important battleships. So as a lesson, don’t rely only on sheer numbers to win battles.

The next battle today is the Battle of Somme. Many people will recognize this battle immediately because, this is where a not well known soldier named Adolf Hitler was put in the hospital for several months before coming back into the war. Almost everyone knows Hitler for his role in World War 2, but again an essay for another time. This was a significant loss for Germany. Germany lost this battle to the French army.

The Third battle of Ypres was a battle fought with the goal of pushing the Germans back out of Belgium. This battle didn’t result in anything more than a lot of lives lost, similar to most battles in World War 1.

During World War 1, a lot of new technologies were put into use or even built. Among which were the Flamethrower, the Machine Gun, and the Tank. These revolutionized the way that wars were fought from then on. The Flamethrower was primarily used to get people out of the trenches built by each side of the war. The machine gun was built before this war, but it was never really used until this war. What made the machine gun remarkable, was the ability to shoot multiple times without having reload after each shot taken. This was very good for both sides because they didn’t lose as many people as they did in the previous ages. The tank, unknown by many people, wasn’t built by America, or Germany, but rather Britain. Germany took the idea, but because of their low resources, the ones built by Germany were very cheap and weren’t nearly as effective as the ones built in Britain.

In conclusion, World War 1 brought lots of death and chaos. Although, it also had some good qualities as well. I don’t think that without this war, we would be where we are now. It was terrible to lose all of these people, but it also proved who the world powers were and what people fought for and why. Please like and subscribe to my blog. Leave comments in the description below if you have any other parts of the war to share, or any fun facts about the war (they aren’t really fun facts, but you get it.) Be sure to be on the lookout for my new book coming out, The Lost Brother. If you use the 8th grade Ron Paul Curriculum, I will be posting a chapter on the forums each week to get you ready for it. Also, I did post an excerpt from the book on this blog, be sure to check it out! Click the link here to view it easily!

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