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Presidents Harding and Coolidge

Hello, today I am writing a brief summary on the 29th and 30th presidents, Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge. These two men are actually labeled very similar however, they should be opposites. What I mean by that is that Warren G. Harding, was involved in many scandals and many illegal operations. While that was Harding’s legacy, Coolidge, is labeled as a “weak” president. This is very inaccurate because Coolidge was a very good president, some may argue the best. I won’t that far as to say that he was the best, but I will say that he is amongst the best presidents in American history. Let’s delve into a short history of the legacies of Harding and Coolidge, and then maybe you can make some connections to today’s world.

Today we will begin with Harding, the 29th President of the United States. Harding was elected president from 1921 to 1923 following the first world war. As you can probably tell, this put a lot of pressure of Harding’s shoulders, seeing as though he had to bring the country out of the war. Harding might have done a better job than he did, but I highly doubt that, we will get into that later though. Harding originally pursued a career in Journalism, and working on newspapers. However in 1891, his wife convinced him to become involved in politics, instead of just a newspaper man. Harding then went on to serve in the elected position of Ohio State Senator. This was his very first elected, political, position he had ever held. When Harding was president, he was known as one of the worst presidents the U.S. had ever seen at that time, he still is.

One of the very worst scandals, when Harding was president was known as the Teapot Dome Scandal. This was basically where a federal Cabinet member stole government property and leased it illegally. Then, once it sold, instead of putting the leftover money into the Federal Reserve, he pocketed the money. This seriously hurt Harding’s already bad reputation.

After Harding had all of these bad scandals and illegal activities under his nose, and some that he was a part of, he suffered a stroke. The stroke didn’t kill him, but it did limit his ability to do much of anything. Then, later on, he died of a heart-attack. This is what killed him, and what allowed Calvin Coolidge to become the 30th president.

Coolidge was going to bed for the night when he received the news that Harding had died and he had become the President. Coolidge was the Vice President while Harding was the president.

Calvin Coolidge was born on Independence Day, and is the only President ever to be born on that day. If you read my other essays the other men died on Independence Day, not born. He was raised in the state of Vermont, but he moved to Massachusetts in order to get a college degree. Coolidge wanted to become a lawyer, however he didn’t have enough money to pay for such an expensive school. So, instead of going to Law School he apprenticed with a local law firm in order to learn law. This was an option for people who didn’t have sufficient funds to go to Law School. Anyways, he was then admitted to the Bar for Massachusetts.

Later on, Coolidge was elected Governor of Massachusetts. He then had to help deal with the Boston Police Strike of 1919. Now, he didn’t have to handle the situation all by himself, he didn’t even have to help. However, Coolidge decided to help, and he helped to man decisions that impressed many government officials. Since this impressed so many people, Coolidge became the Vice President to Warren G. Harding, before becoming President.

Coolidge was told that he was the president when he was going to bed. When he was told that, he got up got dressed and was inaugurated by his father. Well, the next day, he was inaugurated again but by someone other than his father. They did this because it needed to be public so that it wasn’t illegal.

Coolidge had policies that would get rid of banks that made bad deals and didn’t have funds anymore. He would steer more towards  the Conservative view -point instead of a Liberal. He was one of the best presidents in the history of America.

In conclusion, Harding and Coolidge were basically opposites. However they are not labeled as such. Coolidge may be considered a weak president, but he was one of the best, and although he left office just before the Great Depression, he still brought the economy to it’s peak before it fell. This is my brief summary of the terms of presidents Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge. Please like and subscribe, and be ready for the next chapter preview of The Lost Brother, coming soon. Also, check out my YouTube channel for new videos every two weeks.

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