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Astronomy Week: 5

Hey guys, today I am writing about my Astronomy lessons in week five. I really enjoyed this week, because I learned more about constellations, and I even got a chance to spot some over the course of the week! This week I learned about Black Holes, Dumb Holes ( Which absorb all sound), and Constellations. I loved learning about these things, because they opened up a “Universe” of questions for me to ask you all. No, this is supposed to be 250 words, so 250 will be on what I learned, anything above will be on extra stuff that I learned outside of class.

Black Holes, basically absorb everything in it’s general vicinity. It will literally absorb light! One cool thing that I learned is that anything, hypothetically, can become a Black Hole. There is something called a Schwarzschild Radius, this is an area around every object. Larger objects have large Schwarzschild Radius’. If you were to be condensed into this area, your mass would be so large and your density would be huge, that you would become a Black Hole. This is basically what happens when a star goes Supernova. When you get sucked into a Black Hole, to someone else you would be sitting still until you eventually disappeared. To you, you would be falling for several hours. Then, you would be stretched when you hit the point in which you would inevitably die, scientists call this process, “Spaghettification.”

On Wednesday, I learned about a new breakthrough in Astronomy. NASA and Belgian scientists have announced the discovery of  seven EARTH -SIZED PLANETS! The planets are not all Earth-sized, they are either Venus or Earth-sized. They all show possible signs of water and even have the possibility of supporting extraterrestrial life! The planets are 39 light-years away from our own Solar System. The planets were discovered in the Aquarius Solar System.

The planets all orbit around the sun known as Trappist-1. The sun is much different from ours, although they do the same thing, because it is much cooler than ours is. This, to me, tells me that the life-forms would most likely not be as intelligent or complex as we humans are. The planets all would fit into the orbit of Mercury in our Solar System. This shows us that the advancement of science could possibly be a good thing. Let’s just hope that, if there are aliens on this planet, they greet us and don’t massacre us all… That just got a little dark.

Until next time, your friendly neighborhood Homeschooler…

To learn more about Trappist-1 and the 7 planet Solar System, click here.



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