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Does True Loyalty Require Unconditional Support?

Hey guys, today I am writing about total loyalty. Loyalty means a lot to me. In fact, my name LITERALLY means loyal!

I don’t  think that loyalty requires unconditional support. Unconditional support is a very difficult thing to give. I say this because you can be loyal to a friend without agreeing with them on something. Now that isn’t to say that you should deliberately disagree, because that’s how you lose friends! Be supportive, but only when that support is true to your beliefs.

Unconditional support is something that even the most perfect of sentient beings would strive for. This is because no one is correct in every single situation. When someone says that they are always correct, that is probably a sign of self-importance, so you should probably avoid that person. I think that if you show someone that they are always correct, then you  will fuel their ego to the point of “no return.” Trust me that is not something that you don’t want to do.


Loyalty is sticking with someone no matter what. Although, writing that makes me think that you do need to support that person no matter what they do even if they are in fact wrong. However, I am telling myself that isn’t correct, because if you support someone no matter what, they will never learn the error in their ways. Also, you need to show opposing views to others so that they can learn to prove that they are correct, because if they don’t learn that they will be unable to provide sufficient information, proving their arguments. There are many cases in which people get continuously supported by others, and then they realize that they aren’t actually good at that thing, and they end up failing. Some people try out for shows, like X Factor. A lot of those people can sing, but some can’t. Those select few people are supported until they go onto these shows, and then they find out the truth. Then they people don’t believe the judges and they hold that grudge for the rest of their lives.

I don’t like it when people fail, but failing is actually part of life. There will be times when you want something, and someone else wants that same thing. Then you would have to prove that you deserve that thing more than the other person. This can be very difficult, especially when the other person would rather result to lies to make themselves look better than you than prove (without lying) that they are better. This is all something that someone will do to you. If this has happened to you, comment down below what happened!

In conclusion, you can be truly loyal to someone without supporting them in every single situation. I know for a fact I didn’t support my friends in every situation although they may have wanted me to. A true friend will show an opposing view-point when they disagree with a friend. It may not seem like it at the time, but that is what you should do. Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed this essay. Also, leave in the comments below any situations in which you disagreed with a friend and let them know what you thought about it! Stay tuned for more from Homeschooled Hero!

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