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Which Dream in Looking Backward was more Realistic? Why?

Today I am writing about which dream from Looking Backward was more realistic to me. To get this started, there were two major dream sequences. These were, the dream back to 1887 and then 2000. These dreams were both rather strange in some aspects but one of them was still more realistic. So, without further adieu, let’s get into this essay.

I think that when he (Bellamy) woke up in 1887, it was more realistic than him waking up in 2000. I think this because when he woke up in 1887, everything seemed like it did before he went to 2000. I say this because in 1887 he lived like he normally would, but in 2000 he had to change to fit into the new society. I don’t like the new society, but it made more sense to me for it to be a figment of Bellamy’s imagination. When he woke up in 1887, I was rather confused but I eventually came to the conclusion that this was all a dream, and that Bellamy was going to try and move America to a socialist community. However, when he goes from the dream in 1887 to 2000, it was a little strange. To me it seemed as though Bellamy didn’t really like the Utopia that is the year 2000, it seemed that he wanted to go back to  his time. I wouldn’t blame him for wanting to see his family, but the dream sequence seemed to be a bit more than that, at least it did before he awoke in 2000 again. In 1887, Bellamy realizes that he has been living in a “perfect” society where everyone lives very differently than in 1887, but when he wakes up in 1887 he wants to change the world into that “perfect” society. I have a problem with this because, if the society was perfect in 1887 chances are, in 2000 it won’t be perfect anymore.

In the year 1887, Bellamy lives like everyone else, he earns a different salary and he does different jobs. This is pretty much the same for everyone in 1887. However, when he makes it to 2000, his life changes. In 2000, everyone has the same salary, and everyone is happy because, they are all equal. Once Bellamy lives in this he develops this lifestyle so that he thinks that this should be how everyone lives. Then when he wakes up in 1887, he resents where he came from, he thinks that it should be just like the Utopian society of 2000. This is not good for him, because he could be classified as crazy, because he would talk about how the year 2000 was. Then, when he woke up in 2000 again, he was very relieved, but he also felt bad because he dreamt of going back to 1887.

In conclusion, I think that Bellamy’s dream of 1887 was more realistic than his dream of 2000. I hope that you see it the same way, if you don’t please explain why. Also, if you haven’t read the book, please do. This book had a pretty big influence on the Socialist movement. Please like and subscribe for more from Homeschooled Hero.

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