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A short history of World War 2

Hey guys, today I am writing a little bit about World War 2. World War 2 is arguably the worst war in world history. This is because it was a mass genocide of Jewish people, which killed approximately 6,000,000 Jews. The war is remembered today most by the Holocaust. This means that many people don’t know some of the other stuff that went on at the time, other than the Holocaust. I am here to fix that problem.

In the beginning of the War, Germany was failing as a society. They were failing economically because of the punishments from the Treaty of Versailles (Ver-sigh). Now, don’t get me wrong, the punishments from the Treaty of Versailles were very just. The terms of the agreement were good and legitimate terms to agree to when a country starts a full blown world war. The terms put Germany into their own Great Depression however, the terms were met… Until a man named Adolf Hitler said that he could fix everything.

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889. He was the fourth born, having 2 older brothers and one older sister. Adolf was the leader and founder of the Nazi party. He created the party wanting to make his country stronger, but his country didn’t know what he would do next. Hitler wanted to A)Create the perfect “Super-race” and B) Have control of all of Europe. The startling thing is he came dangerously close to taking over Europe. However, he wasn’t very smart with his planning. He did take a lot of Europe, but he didn’t fortify what he took very well, he was spread so thin throughout Europe that he was eventually defeated. When I say that he took a lot of Europe, he even had parts of Russia (Or the Soviet Union, as it was known then). While Hitler was a very bad guy, the Germans were desperate to get out of the “hole” that they were in. Some of them didn’t even agree with what he was doing, and tried to hide fugitive Jews and other people being hunted by Nazis.

The three major Axis powers were Germany, Italy, and later Japan. The empire of Japan worked hard to establish itself. They were very fierce fighters, but they were also brutally massacred by the Atom bombs in two cities. The most well-known of the two is Hiroshima. The other was Nagasaki. These two cities were “nuked” and because of that, they were forced to surrender to American forces. Speaking of America and Japan, the empire of Japan is actually the reason that America got involved in World War 2. On December 7, 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Luckily, the aircraft carriers and boats like that were not at the base. That ended up being Japan’s bad mistake. This was very bad for Japan, because these carriers would be what brought down Japan in the end. Over in America, there were Japanese immigrants that wanted to fight against the Japanese, and as normal we were hesitant. I mean wouldn’t you be? Japanese wanting to kill their own people, doesn’t that seem suspicious at first we didn’t let them. If you were in the same situation, wouldn’t you do the same thing? Eventually, we let them fight, and the things that they did to the enemy was even more brutal than the enemies fighting.

The wars weren’t only fought in Europe, although some of the most memorable ones were. Some of the battles were fought in the Pacific. Most people only know that these battles were fought in the Pacific because of a show called, “Band Of Brothers: Pacific.” This show follows men as they fought in World War 2. You get to see how they were treated, some real fact, and some fictional characters. Although it may be a TV show, it has real historically accurate events. It is amazing to see how brave these men were in the face of enemies. I strongly urge you to watch Band of Brothers. Now the Pacific wars were mostly fought between Japan and America. Japan spread itself thin just like Germany did, so that is another reason why America was able to kick their butts (aside from the fact that, we are America!!)

In conclusion, World War 2 was a horrific war. It was fought by several different nations, but it had one real loser… Germany. I know that they were very desperate and that Hitler had a plan, that worked for a while, but I wish that they hadn’t listened to Hitler. However, if this war hadn’t happened, many of the countries today would not be united as they are today. If you enjoyed this essay, leave a like and a comment below.

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