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How posting weekly essays helps me in the long-run

Today is the last day of school! So, as such, I was assigned an essay on the topic of writing weekly essays. Today, I am writing about how posting a weekly essay will benefit me in the long-run. I have thought about this topic for a long time, I have been trying to form an adequate response to this question for almost the entire school -year. However, I think that I have now formed the perfect answer. So, without further adieu, my name is Homeschooled Hero and this is my essay on how posting weekly essays will benefit me in the long-run!

So, writing essays is a great way to improve upon writing skills. However, this is not what this essay is supposed to be about. I think that posting essays helps in the long-run because it puts my work out on the internet. Which then allows for people to decide whether or not I have the skill to communicate to others in a work environment. I think that this is a good thing, because if I couldn’t communicate in the workspace, then I would not be able to hold a job for very long.

Another benefit to posting weekly essays is the fact that it being open to you (The Reader!). This is a benefit, because when you guys read the essays I am sure you critique it. Well, those critiques that you leave are great for me, because they let me know what you like and what needs to be changed. However, this could all be done through YouTube too. So, why is writing different? Well, writing is different because this presents a different style of “speaking.” For example, when talking in person or seeing a video of someone, you can see them trying to get a point across using their bodies, like mime. However, in writing you don’t have visual aid. You can imagine the author’s body expressions and movements, but you may end up seeing something completely different from what the author wanted you to see. So that is why writing is different from a video service such as YouTube.

Writing essays and posting them on the World Wide Interweb, is beneficial because it let’s me put myself out in the world. This is important because it allows for me to develop a layer of skin that is hard as rock. Many people don’t have this, so they end up getting hurt emotionally and that gives those mean people more “power.” This is something that writing for the internet helps to prevent against, which is a very good thing.

In conclusion, posting essays weekly is beneficial because it allows me to develop thick skin, communication skills far superior to those that don’t write regularly, and better writing skills. I hope that you can draw these conclusions yourself, if you feel differently definitely leave a comment with your own conclusions. Please like and subscribe for more essays from me, Homeschooled Hero! Today is the last day of school, so my posting schedule will a little funky for about 2-3 weeks.

Until next time, your friendly neighborhood Homeschooler…



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