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9th Grade Business 1: Lesson 10

Today I am writing an essay on Harry Browne’s approach to selling. Let’s get into this essay and hopefully learn something new.

The essay is on how Harry Browne’s approach to selling relies on the Principle of Service. So, the principle of service basically says that you need to listen to your customer, and determine from that how to sell to them. Harry’s approach is heavily influenced by this, because he says that the power is all in the customer. So, you must sell to the person of power by finding what they want. Without listening to them, you will never sell them.

Harry Browne requires the customer to also know exactly what is that they want. It also requires the salesman not to be pushy, so you can tell that this isn’t used very often. That is how Harry Browne’s approach relies on the Principle of Service.

I hope that you enjoyed this essay because I enjoyed writing it! Please like and subscribe for more from Homeschooled Hero! Ever had a salesman be pushy and ruin their chances of selling to you? Ever had a salesman be the very best in their field? Leave an experience in the comments good or bad!

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