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Really Rick?

So I recently attempted to read one of Rick Riordan’s newest books, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Hammer of Thor. However, I couldn’t even make it to page 100, which is weird for me since I love to read!

In this book, we meet a new character named Alex. Well, I thought that it would be cool to meet a new person with a dark personality that will eventually help Magnus in the end. Well, instead we get a comment from him saying, “Call me she.” I stopped and thought about this, and could not figure out why he would want to be called she. Then, on the next page, Alex makes another comment saying that he/she is a, “Gender-fluid transgender.” I find this very disappointing. While I don’t mind having people like that out in the world, I don’t enjoy it when I am forced to have content like this in my books. Now I know some of you will say, “Well you didn’t have to buy the book.” and my answer to that is, that you are absolutely correct. However, I did so completely unaware that there was this type of character in this story. The cover made no mention of transgender, gender-fluid, or any other type of confused character. If it had, I would not have purchased the book!

That being said, I really enjoy your writing style Rick. However, I don’t like having characters like that. A case can be made for characters whos sexuality somehow helps the story along. For example when you made Nico Di’Angelo gay in the Heroes of Olympus series, it made sense because it made him want to stay away from Percy. So that was fine with me, but making a “gender-fluid Transgender” character doesn’t help the story-line along at all. In fact, it seems to be included in the story for no reason other than to appease the modern PC culture. If that is the case, I am severely disappointed and will have to reconsider any future purchases of your books.


Homeschooled Hero (one of your biggest fans)

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