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9th Grade Business: Lesson 15

Today, I was given the assignment to write about why running my own business basically guarantees me a job in the year 2030. Well, this is a pretty straight forward topic, however there are many things to consider that could be occurring in the year 2030. So, let’s get into this essay!

Owning my own business would mean that I, personally, would have a job. However, in order to keep a job I would have to hire other folks to work for me. Then, I would have to continue to pay them. Paying people would really bring my profits down, and then I would have to try harder to get people to buy my products. Then, there could be robots who can do the same thing. However, if I can manage to put something into the product that makes the customer want it from me more than from a robot. For example, if I were to play guitar, I could put soul into it, and a robot wouldn’t be able to.

In conclusion, I think that owning a business will guarantee me a job, but I can’t guarantee that I can hold the job. I can guarantee that I will be able to sell my product once I out perform robots and any other companies with the same product. Please like and subscribe for more from Homeschooled Hero!

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