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9th Grade Business 1: Lesson 25

In this essay, for Business 1, I will talk about what I am willing to settle for one year for now, at age 18, and at age 25. This is a topic that I had to think about all week, because it is rather difficult to think so many years in the future. However, I believe that I have found the perfect response. So, let’s get into this essay.

Let’s start with one year from now. One year from now, I am expecting myself to be in the 10th grade with at least a 3.7 GPA. I also want to be in at least 2 more plays or musicals. I want to accomplish these, because the grades will help for me to get into a good college, and the plays or musicals will help me when I want to audition for another role. This seems strange to want to be in one play to get into another however, once I show what I can do, I will be able to get better jobs, plus some that will pay me. This could be a good place start, so I can start funding my calling.

Now, by the age of 18, I expect to be a good guitar player. I put this as an expectation and the only thing that I will settle for because, it will also fund my calling. This is an expectation because, I will be able to play at restaurants for about $50 an hour.  Now, I keep mentioning my calling but, I don’t know what that is. I know what I want it to be, but I don’t know what it really is. So, by age 18 I also want to know what my calling is.

By age 25, I MUST know what my calling is, and I also want to have sufficient funding for the calling. If I don’t have one of these goals, I want to have a job as either an actor, guitar player, or both. This way, I can be earning money to fund the calling. So, there really is no explanation for me not knowing my calling. That means that, knowing my calling is a must by the age of 25. If I don’t know what it is, I need to spend the next year finding out what it is, and work my butt off trying to make up for lost time.

The strategy of going the extra mile will help me to accomplish these goals, because I will be working twice or even three times as hard trying to get the goals accomplished. Also, I would finish them faster than someone who insists upon completing the goals when the right conditions come around. That is why going the extra mile works, it creates the conditions and it gets the goals done right away. Plus, if you complete the goals early, it gives you a lot of time to create another list of goals.

In conclusion, I want to establish my calling as early as possible. That way I already know what the cost will be to say that my job is my calling. Plus, I will be able to establish what job I will need to fund the calling sufficiently. For example, if I want to own a billion -dollar company, I will need to find a job way better than flipping burgers at McDonald’s. Thank you for reading this essay. If you enjoyed the essay, please like and subscribe for more from Homeschooled Hero.

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