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A Fresh(man) look on this years classes

This school year, I started many new classes. One of which was Guitar 1 with Florida Virtual School (FLVS). In Guitar 1 I learned many new things such as what timbre means in music. I am still using the Ron Paul Curriculum, but I am also using FLVS. So far, my classes are: Latin 1, Algebra 1, Guitar 1, Physical Science, Business 1, English 1: Autobiographies, and Public Speech.

I am very excited for this year to really start going off. I am excited because so far this school year is really fun. The cool thing about this school year is that if I finish a class, I can start another one in it’s stead. Although the year is definitely not the same as last, it will still as good if not better.

What is your school year like so far? Has it even started yet? How long have you been in school? Please feel free to answer one of these questions in the comments below. Or, ask one of your own. Also, what do you guys think of the new design for the site?

Until next time, your friendly neighborhood Homeschooler…

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Firewalls and Viruses

This week I learned about Firewalls and Viruses among other topics. I decided to write about these topics because they really interest me. However, some of the viruses out in the world right now scare me a lot. Although, I still would like to explain some things on this subject, so without further adieu let’s begin!

Let’s start with Firewalls. These are basically what attempts to protect your computer. Now, I say attempts but it actually does protect your computer from a lot of things and people, but not everyone and everything. In some instances, the firewall is a small inconvenience to the hackers. So, that is basically what a firewall is; protection.

Now, a virus is classified as something called Malware. Malware can be your worst nightmare or a minor nuisance. An example of a really bad virus is a Trojan Horse virus. This can come from pretty much anything, but the most common is a site that states it can rid your computer of viruses. Unfortunately, some people buy into this scam and the virus takes a hold of your computer. The only reason that the virus gains control of your computer is because the person downloaded a virus instead of a virus remover. The worst part of this virus is that it infects your computer with several different viruses.


There are people known as White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, and Gray Hat SEOs. These people do many different things, but they all use hacking for different means. Let’s start with White Hats. White Hats are basically the “good guys,” because they hack things to discover security weaknesses and other things in computer networks and sites.

The Black Hat SEOs, however, are the “bad guys,” they use malicious software to hack into personal computers, and other networks and mainframes, to steal personal information. These are the people that typically use Trojan Horse viruses.

Then there were the Gray Hats. These people are like anti-heroes. They are very similar to Deadpool, because they hack for their own purposes but also for money. They are really more in the middle so they aren’t “bad” but they aren’t “good” either. They hack into personal computers too, but they don’t usually use malicious software like Black Hats.

Until Next time, your friendly neighborhood Homeschooler…

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How the World Wide Web works

Today I am writing about how the Internet/World Wide Web works. Most people refer to the “World Wide Web” as the Web. This, I guess you would call it, ”system” is used to pull information from websites around the world and display it on your computer screen. This is just the basic explanation of what the World Wide Web is. So, let’s delve a little bit deeper into what the Web does.

The Web would not work if it wasn’t global. This is because if one country had ownership of something this powerful, other countries around the world would fight to get rid of it. This would then create World War 3. Overall, that would be very bad, and I don’t think that would be the greatest thing for anyone.

The Web is spread globally via cables on the ocean floor. These work because they are checked on regularly. These cable connect the continents and are used as tunnels. They are used to make a connection that gives information a path to get to other places in the world. These cables are very similar to a tunnel through a mountain. They basically provide a shortcut through the ocean instead of having it sent by a messenger. Seeing as though the cables are spread out through the ocean, they need to be very long. This would seem as though it would be a very long time before your information reached your computer. However, this is not the case, because scientists have developed a better way to send information. They basically made a cable that takes information, breaks it down and then sends it with very high speed, and then the site or information then re-arranges itself into it’s proper order when it reaches your computer. So that is basically how the Web works.

Until next time, your friendly neighborhood Homeschooler…

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What Would Cause this to Accelerate More?

Today I am writing about acceleration for my 8th grade science class. Today’s match-up is between an Elephant and a Mouse. The only catch is that I have to explain this using Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion. So, without further adieu, let’s get this show on the road with some acceleration!

The object that the two contestants need to move is a beach ball. Now that you know this, go ahead and decide which you think will send it farther… Now that you’ve done that, I think that the Elephant will send it farther. I think this because the Elephant weighs much more that the mouse, so then that would make it seem as though the Elephant would have more strength in its leg to kick the ball farther. Newton’s third law of motion states, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This being said, the mouse and elephant have to push the beach ball with more force than the beach ball has to keep itself still. For example, if you place a block on the floor, it won’t move right? However, once you push the block with a lot of force, it will move. This is what needs to happen to move the beach ball.

Well, now that we know that they will both be able to push the ball, which will go farther? This is obviously the elephant because it has more mass, and a higher chance to use the right amount of force to apply to the ball.

That being said, we must assume that the mouse is not somewhere near the elephant. Almost everyone knows that elephants are scared of mice, so the mouse can’t be near the ball, because then the elephant won’t come anywhere near the ball.

Until next time, your friendly neighborhood Homeschooler…

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Astronomy Week: 5

Hey guys, today I am writing about my Astronomy lessons in week five. I really enjoyed this week, because I learned more about constellations, and I even got a chance to spot some over the course of the week! This week I learned about Black Holes, Dumb Holes ( Which absorb all sound), and Constellations. I loved learning about these things, because they opened up a “Universe” of questions for me to ask you all. No, this is supposed to be 250 words, so 250 will be on what I learned, anything above will be on extra stuff that I learned outside of class.

Black Holes, basically absorb everything in it’s general vicinity. It will literally absorb light! One cool thing that I learned is that anything, hypothetically, can become a Black Hole. There is something called a Schwarzschild Radius, this is an area around every object. Larger objects have large Schwarzschild Radius’. If you were to be condensed into this area, your mass would be so large and your density would be huge, that you would become a Black Hole. This is basically what happens when a star goes Supernova. When you get sucked into a Black Hole, to someone else you would be sitting still until you eventually disappeared. To you, you would be falling for several hours. Then, you would be stretched when you hit the point in which you would inevitably die, scientists call this process, “Spaghettification.”

On Wednesday, I learned about a new breakthrough in Astronomy. NASA and Belgian scientists have announced the discovery of  seven EARTH -SIZED PLANETS! The planets are not all Earth-sized, they are either Venus or Earth-sized. They all show possible signs of water and even have the possibility of supporting extraterrestrial life! The planets are 39 light-years away from our own Solar System. The planets were discovered in the Aquarius Solar System.

The planets all orbit around the sun known as Trappist-1. The sun is much different from ours, although they do the same thing, because it is much cooler than ours is. This, to me, tells me that the life-forms would most likely not be as intelligent or complex as we humans are. The planets all would fit into the orbit of Mercury in our Solar System. This shows us that the advancement of science could possibly be a good thing. Let’s just hope that, if there are aliens on this planet, they greet us and don’t massacre us all… That just got a little dark.

Until next time, your friendly neighborhood Homeschooler…

To learn more about Trappist-1 and the 7 planet Solar System, click here.

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New YouTube Channel

Hey guys, I just uploaded my first YouTube video/ Channel Trailer! I was a little bit nervous about the start of my channel, but I realized that it will take a long time before I start getting consistent views. Anyways, I am not very good at filming these videos yet, but I will hopefully get better. Also, since I just published my first video, you probably can’t search me on YouTube and have me pop up on the first page. This is because I don’t really have anyone watching my stuff all of the time (except me).

Please check out my YouTube channel, via this link. Be sure to subscribe and get ready for more from Homeschooled Hero!


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My YouTube Strategy

Today I am writing about my own unique YouTube strategy for my science class. I know what most of you are thinking, “YouTube, for science? That’s crazy!” Well it is a little bit. I think that this is a good idea because, it helps to build marketable skills, which is one of the things that my teacher is helping to develop in kids my age.

Now we will get to the point. I plan to do book reviews as my YouTube channels main topic. The reason that I plan to do this is because I really enjoy reading. I am currently thinking about the consistency of my video posts. So far what I have is posting one video every two weeks. (Let me know in the comments what you think of this idea!) The reason that I decided to go every two weeks, is because that gives me time to get the book, if I don’t already own the book, read it, and then write my review.

My Target Audience is young teens, who enjoy reading, that are looking for good books that help to elevate free thought. The reason that I am doing this is because, when kids look  for books the very seldom find really good books. That is why I want to help them find the good books and steer them away from the bad books. Now, I do not mean that these books are poorly written or are bad books and should be taken off of the shelves. I mean they are not books that people often enjoy reading.

My Value Proposition is that I give people things that they can read. In other words when people are backed into corners, I give them a trap door. I am trying to give young readers good books to read and help them to determine whether or not they would enjoy the book.

In conclusion, I am trying to help young teens to find books that they would enjoy. I love reading and I would love to spread this to other people. Otherwise the art may be lost. I don’t mean that everyone will suddenly forget how to read, not at all, I mean people may lose interest in reading and then find it completely boring. I don’t want this to happen. Please help me with my YouTube idea. If you have any ideas, let me know and I will get back to you!