History of the Middle East

Today I am writing about History. Although most people find these areas boring they were still part of the influence of today. The people that lived in these had a major impact on the world of today. The Middle East is represented by modern day countries of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Syria, and… Continue reading History of the Middle East

Search and Rescue

I am writing about these Search and Rescue (SAR) teams because these teams are really exciting to me. SAR teams all have different jobs altogether. These teams, though they work in a different areas, work together in order to keep people safe. People often ask how SAR keeps them safe, well SAR keeps you safe… Continue reading Search and Rescue

What I did over the Summer Vacation

Over the Summer Vacation I did many fun activities. The very first week of summer vacation I spent out at my grandparent’s house in Macclenny Florida. While I was there I went to a drama camp called “Future Stars” this year the theme was throwback. At the drama camp, we do dancing, singing, acting, and… Continue reading What I did over the Summer Vacation

How I can Control Small Expenses

I am only 13 years-old so I don’t know much about this subject. The reason that I am even taking a personal finance class in the 8th grade is so that I don’t end up making as many mistakes as other people. One way that I can prevent myself from making a whole lot of… Continue reading How I can Control Small Expenses

My Favorite School Subject

My favorite school subject is English Language Arts. Although it is pretty obvious that I love to read, I also very much enjoy to write. My writing skills aren’t the best in the world, but everyone always needs practise. The reason that English is my favorite school subject is because I get to read, write,… Continue reading My Favorite School Subject

My Favorite Hobby

My favorite hobby is to read. I love to read fantasy books because it allows me to travel to another place, at least in my mind. I don’t have a problem with reading other genres of books but fantasy is by far my favorite. Some of my favorite books are written by a man named… Continue reading My Favorite Hobby