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What is the least plausible aspect of the plot so far?

Today I am writing about the book that I am currently reading for English. The book is called In His Steps by Charles Sheldon. The book takes place in a town where people are doing “wrong.” So, the pastor creates a challenge for the people at the church. A few people in the crowd decide to take up the challenge, they had to live their lives by asking “What would Jesus do?” The book follows several characters, but mostly focuses on the young woman known as Rachel. She is a self-centered and selfish person. Another way to describe Rachel is as an megalomaniac.

I think that the least plausible part of this book is living by what Jesus would do. I think that this is implausible because how would anyone know what Jesus would do? Sure, the Bible explains what he did, but you can’t go based off of that. Plus, this is a completely different time than when the Bible is set so he could do things very differently than he did then. Also, Jesus might be able to do many things that we as normal mortals wouldn’t be able to do in our wildest dreams. Thus, this is very implausible.

I would like to take this time to talk about Rachel. Rachel thinks that she is super-special, because of her beautiful voice. However, she has no sense of money or how to choose a good track to get her voice out there. For example, she was given an opportunity to earn a lot of money and get known. However, instead of taking this opportunity, she chose to stay singing at the church because she thought that she was getting a point out there by staying at the church, and making a difference in people’s lives. However, we find out that is not true later on when she sings for the workers. When she sings for the workers, after she sings, all of the people left and went back to the saloons. Not one of the workers had a single care in the world for what she sang about. Another problem, that I have with Rachel, is that she has rejected two men when they proposed to her. She rejected them both because she thought that her singing for people was much more important than getting married. She also thought both men rude for not even asking her on a date or getting to know her first, they just came up and asked for her hand in marriage.

In conclusion, living life by the code of “What would Jesus do?” is difficult and implausible. This not something that can be done just because you want to. You would have to actually know Jesus on a personal level in order to do this. Unfortunately not many people, that are alive, have that connection with Jesus. Also, Rachel is not the kind of person that you should ask to marry, because she is very self-centered. Please like and subscribe for more from Homeschooled Hero! If you enjoyed this essay, drop a like and leave a comment explaining what you thought of it.

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President Ronald Reagan

Hey guys, today I am writing about the 40th President Of The United States. Ronald Reagan is considered by a large majority of Conservatives and Republicans, to be one of the very best Presidents in the history of the United States.

As I was doing my research, I realized that the current President, Donald Trump, seems to be very similar to Ronald Reagan. Actually, the day that I wrote my rough draft, I learned that Trump passed a bill that was very similar to a bill that Reagan signed when he was President. I hope that you guys see the similarities as well, but if you don’t feel free to leave a comment explaining why you feel otherwise. So without further adieu, let’s learn about Ronald Reagan.

Let’s start with his birth, Reagan was born on February 6, 1911. He was born in Illinois. Some personality traits that people commonly attribute to Reagan include his optimistic faith, and the fact that he always saw the best in people. Before World War 2, Reagan had held the jobs of a lifeguard, a radio announcer, and an actor. Let’s start with the lifeguarding. When Reagan was a lifeguard, he would never get his suit wet unless he was saving somebody, as were the rules at the time. He would actually have a wooden log that he would put notch into every-time that he would save somebody. Historians say that he saved around 75 people.

Now let’s talk about his radio announcer job. When Reagan was a radio announcer, he wouldn’t actually watch the games like announcers do today. This is a little strange, but there would be people at the game who would send telegrams with play-by-plays that Reagan would read into the microphone. One time, the telegraph information just stopped coming in, so Reagan had to stall. He started saying that the batter hit a foul and kept hitting them, until 12 which he thought was just ridiculous. Then, the machine turned back on and Reagan filled the nation in on the actual play-by-play. That was pretty scary for them, but I bet that Reagan had some fun.

Reagan was the first president to be elected out of a non-political position. He was an actor. Many people know that much, but some people don’t know this. They don’t know that Reagan was actually the first of two presidents to have been divorced. (The second is Donald Trump) Reagan’s first wife was Jane Wyman, he actually had a daughter with Jane, and he had to explain to her why her parents were getting divorced. However, he didn’t understand very well (Neither did his daughter) so that didn’t work very well. The divorce was completed in 1949. Then, in 1952, Reagan met his next wife Nancy Reagan. When he met Nancy, he was a Democrat but as time went on, he became a Conservative Republican. He also became a life member of the NRA (National Rifle Association). Another strange but cool connection between Trump and Reagan is that they are both the two oldest people to be elected president.

Many people don’t know this, but Reagan was actually the oldest president to be elected, he was inaugurated at 69 but the next day he turned 70. This was true until Donald Trump was inaugurated. Many people also don’t know that Reagan’s mom died of Alzheimer’s disease. This is probably why Reagan died of the disease himself.

Reagan’s legacy as a president is important to know. His legacy is as a firm and unswerving leader, which restored faith in the presidency after two decades of weak presidents, until Bill Clinton. When Bill Clinton went into office then the presidency started to slip again. However now that we have Trump, the economy seems to be changing in the same ways that it did when Reagan was president.

In conclusion, Ronald Reagan is arguably one of the top 3 best presidents in the history of the United States. I hope that you saw similarities between Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan. Again, if you didn’t leave a comment why not, or write a blog post on it and link to me! I hope that you enjoyed this essay. Please like and subscribe for more from Homeschooled Hero!

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How Will Having a Blog With Lots of Content Help Me get My First Full-Time job After College?

So, at first I didn’t really understand what this question was asking me. Then, once I figured that out, I couldn’t come up with any ways to answer the question, which really bothered me. However, now I believe that I have figured it out. (I even went and asked my dad what he thought about the question to form an answer based off of how he explained it to me!!)

Having a blog with lots of content; let’s dissect this part of the question first shall we? This part is basically what tells me that I need to have lots of essays and little articles on my blog. This is pretty important, because it proves to district officials that I have actually done my school-work and then some extra pieces here and there. Now, how this will help me get a full-time job after college. This is going to help me get a full-time job after college because it will prove to the company or business that I have the skills necessary to create a proper resume. It will also help, should I decide to go into a field such as Journalism. Journalism is, obviously, a field full of writing. So, this would be a vital skill for Journalism.

I think that having a blog is important, not only because it keeps public school officials out of my parent’s hair, but because it really helps for people to develop their writing skills. My teacher, Gary North, made a very good point. He said that, “People are scared to put their writing out on the internet.” This is very true, I think that people are scared to do this, because they are afraid of being rejected as a writer, so they fear getting hurt. This is scary, but you shouldn’t just give up on writing because you are scared of being rejected. You need to accept the fact that you may not be at the peak of your talent yet, but this is to get you there. Plus, if the people who rejected you stick with you for a while, they may even see some major improvement as you continue to write. While you try to improve upon your writing skills, you could read some authors in the field that you are writing about. This is because, if the author is good, you could develop some of the writing techniques that author used when writing his or her stories. This is kind of like playing guitar. For me, when I watch somebody else playing guitar, I try to mimic some of the little things ad nuances that they do when playing, this helps to make me a better player. So, overall, the more good authors you read from that field, could make you a better writer.

In conclusion, reading other authors can make you a better writer, which will give a blog with lots of content, which will also help you to get a full-time job after college. So, overall having a full blog with good reviews and decent viewer activity can help you to get a job after college. Please like and subscribe for more from Homeschooled Hero!

Until next time, your friendly neighborhood Homeschooler…

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The Least Believable Aspect of Looking Backward, By Edward Bellamy.

Today I was given the assignment to explain what the least believable aspect of the novel, Looking Backward is. This took some time to create an answer to the question, only because there are so many things that are wrong or stupid throughout the book. Some of the things that I have seen throughout the book were very confusing, because they contradict what was previously stated in the book. I hope that by reading this post, you will go and check out the book to make your own opinion on this novel. So, without any further adieu, let’s get into this essay.

I think that the least believable aspect of the novel is the fact that they have no money. I find this to be the least believable aspect, because when West (the main character) arrives at the city, he seems to think that the city is rich. He thinks this because of the way it looks, and the way that the citizens live. However, later on we find out that the city has no money at all. However, this is not the only thing that sparks intrigue. One thing that I saw wrong with this novel was the fact that the social order has NO POVERTY. The problem with this, as pointed out by my teacher Gary North, is that this has never been true in the history of the world. Even the greatest empires ever known to man had poverty, some of them even came from poverty. Now, the problem with them not having any poverty, is that they have no money. Well, wait a minute, how can you have no money… Then turn around and say, “There is no poverty in this new social order.” This is one of those contradictory statements.

Another problem with this novel, is the fact that businesses don’t receive profit. Well, this makes sense for when they say the city has no money. Well, later on we realize that these businesses have product. Wait a minute, if you have no money how do you produce the goods. If you don’t have money, you can’t pay for the production of these goods. So, I have a big problem with this part of the novel. Another problem with money is the wages. In the book, they say that the men work for 24 years. They work from age 21 to age 45. Well, what about their wages? If you have no money, you can’t pay these people. Then, if they don’t get paid they can’t feed their families. Then, if they can’t feed their families everyone falls into poverty, and then your society crumbles. Overall there are a bunch of problems with this novel. I hope that my essay has gotten you intrigued enough to go out and find the book, to read it, and then make your own opinion about it.

In conclusion, the least believable aspect of this novel is the fact that they have no money. Without money everything falls apart. (By money, I mean currency.) Please like and subscribe for more from Homeschooled Hero!

Until Next time, Your friendly neighborhood Homeschooler…

To read the book, check out this link. Click here.

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Is it Important for Students to Attend Higher Education after High School?

Picture this, picture nobody attending college or any other form of higher education. Imagine no cars now, because nobody has the skills to design new ones that work. Imagine your house, in ruins because a hurricane came through that nobody knew how to alert you of its position. Now imagine your children, they don’t know what to do, because they can’t get a better job than working at Arby’s or McDonald’s. This is a future where nobody get’s an education higher than 12th grade.

Do you think that was scary? Well, when it comes down to it, that was pretty much nothing. I say that because when somebody doesn’t have the skills to do something, for this example let’s use maintenance, and nobody else does either then they could do a terrible job and nobody would know. That could cost somebody their life! That is just one reason why having more education after High School, is best for everyone and living.

Another problem with kids not going to school after High School is financial dependency. This is a problem because, if those kids can’t support themselves, then what makes them think that they could carry on the family line. Then, if they do end having children, they can’t support the family and so they end up on financial aid and food stamps. This is a big problem, because it means that their kids won’t have the best life that they can. However it does ensure that the kids will learn how to take care of their families. However if they fall prey to entitlement, they will not be able to support their families and that would be even worse than when they were kids. In order to avoid this, kids should try to get into the best colleges that they can, in order to have the best future for themselves and their kids later on in life. So, what do you say, do you want to learn more because if you don’t, you can turn around now. The next part that you are to read, is the hardest to accomplish. So if you want to stay with me, let’s get going!

So, as mentioned in all of the previous paragraphs; College. This is typically the next step for people who aren’t going to be lawyers or doctors. College is one of the best things out there. Unfortunately it is very difficult to find the best college for your specific needs and one that you would actually want to go to. The next problem for many students is a payment plan. Most people fall into tremendous debt from Student Loans. I know two people who are still suffering from the incredible load of debt instilled upon them from college. These two people happen to be my parents. Since this is happening to them my dad has said from the beginning, that my sister and I have to get scholarships in order to go to College. Also, I have started thinking about what I want to go to college for so that I can pick the best college for me. So far the best one seems to be Juilliard, but that is super prestigious. So, scholarships are some of the best things out there so that is something you should definitely look into if your are trying to go to college.

In conclusion, a higher education is pretty much a requirement for being successful in life. However, this does depend on what field of expertise you are going into. Please like and subscribe for more from Homeschooled Hero!

Until next time, your friendly neighborhood Homeschooler…

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Does True Loyalty Require Unconditional Support?

Hey guys, today I am writing about total loyalty. Loyalty means a lot to me. In fact, my name LITERALLY means loyal!

I don’t  think that loyalty requires unconditional support. Unconditional support is a very difficult thing to give. I say this because you can be loyal to a friend without agreeing with them on something. Now that isn’t to say that you should deliberately disagree, because that’s how you lose friends! Be supportive, but only when that support is true to your beliefs.

Unconditional support is something that even the most perfect of sentient beings would strive for. This is because no one is correct in every single situation. When someone says that they are always correct, that is probably a sign of self-importance, so you should probably avoid that person. I think that if you show someone that they are always correct, then you  will fuel their ego to the point of “no return.” Trust me that is not something that you don’t want to do.


Loyalty is sticking with someone no matter what. Although, writing that makes me think that you do need to support that person no matter what they do even if they are in fact wrong. However, I am telling myself that isn’t correct, because if you support someone no matter what, they will never learn the error in their ways. Also, you need to show opposing views to others so that they can learn to prove that they are correct, because if they don’t learn that they will be unable to provide sufficient information, proving their arguments. There are many cases in which people get continuously supported by others, and then they realize that they aren’t actually good at that thing, and they end up failing. Some people try out for shows, like X Factor. A lot of those people can sing, but some can’t. Those select few people are supported until they go onto these shows, and then they find out the truth. Then they people don’t believe the judges and they hold that grudge for the rest of their lives.

I don’t like it when people fail, but failing is actually part of life. There will be times when you want something, and someone else wants that same thing. Then you would have to prove that you deserve that thing more than the other person. This can be very difficult, especially when the other person would rather result to lies to make themselves look better than you than prove (without lying) that they are better. This is all something that someone will do to you. If this has happened to you, comment down below what happened!

In conclusion, you can be truly loyal to someone without supporting them in every single situation. I know for a fact I didn’t support my friends in every situation although they may have wanted me to. A true friend will show an opposing view-point when they disagree with a friend. It may not seem like it at the time, but that is what you should do. Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed this essay. Also, leave in the comments below any situations in which you disagreed with a friend and let them know what you thought about it! Stay tuned for more from Homeschooled Hero!

Until next time, your friendly neighborhood Homeschooler…

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My One Sentence Story Idea

Hey guys, today I am writing my story idea for English. The only twist was that it had to be one sentence long. At first I was going to go into a different reality, but he told us that it would have to be America from the 1800s. So, based on that I have to come up with something very different. So here is my one sentence story idea:

George Carnegie, the long lost brother of Andrew Carnegie, immigrates to America but is lost from his family.

In this story we will follow George as he struggles to find his way throughout America, meeting some very fascinating and important figures throughout the way. Please be on the lookout for The Lost Brother. Only on Homeschooled Hero!