A Journey to the Past

On Monday, my family (excluding my mom) and I went to the MOSH (Museum Of Science and History) for the World War 2 Holocaust exhibit. Before we went there, my sister and I had no idea where we could be going. The only thing that we knew was that, the destination was near water. That… Continue reading A Journey to the Past

My One Sentence Story Idea

Hey guys, today I am writing my story idea for English. The only twist was that it had to be one sentence long. At first I was going to go into a different reality, but he told us that it would have to be America from the 1800s. So, based on that I have to… Continue reading My One Sentence Story Idea

The American Civil War

The American Civil war was the bloodiest war in American history. This is proven because, it had a little over 600,000 casualties. That is more than all other wars starting from the American Revolution to Afghanistan. (Wow, right?!) Hey, I am Homeschooled Hero, and this is my essay, for history, on what I found most… Continue reading The American Civil War