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9th Grade Business 1: Lesson 35

In this essay, for Business 1, I will be explaining my answer to the following question. Would you rather start a small business or take a minimum wage job as an apprentice to a mentor? Why? This is a question that I think we should all be answering. An apprenticeship is not a bad idea seeing as though you get to learn how to become a mentor yourself. However, there are some drawbacks to working for minimum wage, which doesn’t matter if you are an apprentice or if that is your job. Anyway, I am getting off-track so let’s get into the real essay!

Let’s talk about the apprenticeship first. With a minimum wage job, there come many problems. These are only problems if you don’t live with your parents. If you still live with them, then you will probably think that a minimum wage job is great just to get a little extra cash. However, once you get out on your own, you will need to get a much better job to support yourself and eventually a family. So, a minimum wage job is good just to start your transition into the work force. However, it isn’t good for when you live out on your own.

Now, let’s talk about the small business option. I think that this is a really good idea, and it come with extra plus sides. This is because it earns a lot more money than the other, and because it gives you a sort of funding for anything you might need in the future.  Seeing as though a business takes money to earn money though, you need to be prepared to take some out of your pocket to get some into your pocket. However, you may need money to start a business and get it going but, once you get it, you will start earning money like crazy.

Now, let’s compare the two side-by-side. On one hand, the apprenticeship is good for a starting job and the small business works better for someone who has already obtained a starting job. Now, that’s not to say that you can’t do both, because you totally can! In fact, starting out with an apprenticeship is a good way to get experience in a field and earn some money. Then, you can start up your business with the money you earned from the apprenticeship. Plus, you can be an apprentice whilst running your business at the same time. That way, you can be earning a steady income from two different sources and you can learn two separate trades at the same time. So, apprenticeships and businesses are both great ideas depending on what you want to do.

In conclusion, I think that starting a small business might be the way to go, but you may be able to do both if you wanted to. Alas, an apprenticeship is pretty good as far as learning a trade goes, but the money isn’t very good. You can also do both. So, to sum it all up, this is really a choice that you must make yourself. Personally, I would do both. That way I get a steady income from two different parties. Please like and subscribe for more from Homeschooled Hero! See you guys next time!

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9th Grade Business 1: Lesson 30

In this essay, for Business 1, I will be explaining why, I will have lost money at age 70 because of television. Now, I don’t usually watch excessive amounts of television, however I do watch some. The typical amount of TV, that I watch, is about an hour and a half a day. I do have a few exceptions such as when I am sick, or on the weekends. Let’s get into this essay, before I forget and go watch some TV.

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Earlier this week, I was given the assignment to find out how much TV I watch in a week. Well, I discovered how much I watched this week, but I was sick and could barely do anything on Monday, and so that kind of threw off my calculations. However, it was still this week and so I must put it into my calculations. Plus, people will have those kinds of days in their lives, so that is why I am fine with putting this into my essay. The only draw-back is on the weekend, seeing as though that hasn’t happened yet, I will only get a calculation for the work week. Maybe, over the weekend, I will do this again just to see how much money I lose over the typical weekend…

Here is the amount of TV over a week: 10.5 hours a week.

Here is the amount of TV per month: 42 hours.

Here is the amount of money per month: $840.

So, over a period of about 56 years. (I choose 56 years, because in 56 years I will be 70.) I will earn about 26,572,566.47 if I reinvest 100% of what I earn. This is awesome! I never thought that having a business, and investing the time that I spend in front of a television into my business, I would become super rich. It seems to me that if I had thought of this earlier, I would have started a business and I would have been earning a whole lot more money than I am now.

[Even though I just got my first “job.” I put that in quotes, because it is an acting job… for a couple of days of work.]

If I think about this really hard, I start to think about how I would have to do this. First, I would have to start a business by 15, and then start earning $20 an hour by the age of 20. Then, I must have an interest rate of 10% to get this much money in 56 years. Well, unless I start that business now, it will really be 55 years. Basically, I have less time to earn this much money. However, a year wouldn’t be too detrimental to the plan, because I will still be earning a lot of money each year.

In conclusion, I think that starting a business at 15 is a great idea. I think that if you can do it, do it. Also, if you can’t do it, figure out why and then change that so that you can do it. This assignment has shown me that a business is very important for people who want to earn a lot of money, and don’t have a skill that pays a lot of money. Or it is important for people who DO have those skills, but can’t get a job. This shows that you can skip the burger joint, and go straight to Silicon Valley.

[Or wherever else has a lot of money…]

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9th Grade English: Lesson 25

In this essay, for English, I am going to be writing about major turning points in my life. This is a big deal, because these are the kind of stories that will go into a good autobiography. This is a difficult topic for me, because I can only think of a couple major turning points. Anyway, let’s get into it and see how this turns out.

The first major turning point in my life would have to be when I went to LaVilla School of the Arts. This was a big deal for me, because it told me that I am good enough to go to a school specific for arts. (Arts= Dancing, Acting, Singing, etc.). I felt very good because I went for Acting, and many of the actors were really good. Anyway, LaVilla was a good place for me to start to develop my acting ability. I say this because, I got into my first play there. Also, it was my first lead role. That made me pretty confident that I was at least kind of good. From then on, I was sure that I would do my best whether I got the part or not.

The second major turning point in my life, was the switch to Homeschooling. My dad had said that he was considering it when I was in 6th grade, but he didn’t switch us until my 8th grade year. It was really in 7th grade that my dad decided that it was time to switch to Homeschooling. At the time, I thought that homeschooling was going to suck. However, now that I am in my second year of homeschool, I realize that it was one of the best decisions ever made. Being homeschooled gives me more freedom, two of the things that it enables me to do are plays and guitar lessons. These are important to me, because they both allow me to bump up my skill so that I am good enough to earn money for my talent and skill. That will become money in my pocket and bank account to fund my calling.

The third major turning point in my life thus far, was my part in To Kill a Mockingbird at Theatre Jacksonville. Theatre Jacksonville is a community theatre where you can start your career, or end it. This is a great place for me to get into the world, and start my journey to my calling. It is important, because it allows me to start my career and get to know some people. If you live in Florida and can get to the San Marco area, please come see us! Click here to pick the night and your seats!

Another major turning point, was my first job. I got this job while doing To Kill Mockingbird. The job is basically to help train doctors on how to communicate with adolescents suffering from Depression. It is so vitally important that we get this right, because if doctors can’t communicate effectively with the teens, the teen could die. This is something that all of us are working hard to stop from happening. Also, a lot of the kids are probably doing it because it pays $15 an hour.

In conclusion, I have a lot of turning points in my life. However, these are the major ones that could be a really big thing for me in the future. For example, To Kill a Mockingbird could lead to bigger shows and those shows could go into movies and TV shows… However, I digress. The point is, these are important for me and could give somebody insight to my life before I got famous (If I do manage to become famous.) Please like and subscribe for more from Homeschooled Hero! Come check out To Kill a Mockingbird at Theatre Jacksonville in San Marco!

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9th Grade Business 1: Lesson 25

In this essay, for Business 1, I will talk about what I am willing to settle for one year for now, at age 18, and at age 25. This is a topic that I had to think about all week, because it is rather difficult to think so many years in the future. However, I believe that I have found the perfect response. So, let’s get into this essay.

Let’s start with one year from now. One year from now, I am expecting myself to be in the 10th grade with at least a 3.7 GPA. I also want to be in at least 2 more plays or musicals. I want to accomplish these, because the grades will help for me to get into a good college, and the plays or musicals will help me when I want to audition for another role. This seems strange to want to be in one play to get into another however, once I show what I can do, I will be able to get better jobs, plus some that will pay me. This could be a good place start, so I can start funding my calling.

Now, by the age of 18, I expect to be a good guitar player. I put this as an expectation and the only thing that I will settle for because, it will also fund my calling. This is an expectation because, I will be able to play at restaurants for about $50 an hour.  Now, I keep mentioning my calling but, I don’t know what that is. I know what I want it to be, but I don’t know what it really is. So, by age 18 I also want to know what my calling is.

By age 25, I MUST know what my calling is, and I also want to have sufficient funding for the calling. If I don’t have one of these goals, I want to have a job as either an actor, guitar player, or both. This way, I can be earning money to fund the calling. So, there really is no explanation for me not knowing my calling. That means that, knowing my calling is a must by the age of 25. If I don’t know what it is, I need to spend the next year finding out what it is, and work my butt off trying to make up for lost time.

The strategy of going the extra mile will help me to accomplish these goals, because I will be working twice or even three times as hard trying to get the goals accomplished. Also, I would finish them faster than someone who insists upon completing the goals when the right conditions come around. That is why going the extra mile works, it creates the conditions and it gets the goals done right away. Plus, if you complete the goals early, it gives you a lot of time to create another list of goals.

In conclusion, I want to establish my calling as early as possible. That way I already know what the cost will be to say that my job is my calling. Plus, I will be able to establish what job I will need to fund the calling sufficiently. For example, if I want to own a billion -dollar company, I will need to find a job way better than flipping burgers at McDonald’s. Thank you for reading this essay. If you enjoyed the essay, please like and subscribe for more from Homeschooled Hero.

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9th Grade English Lesson 15: Heart Attack

For this essay, we will analyze the good things that happened because of Jim Lehrer’s heart attack. Now, some of you may thin that heart attacks are always bad, which they are, but good things can happen in turn because of them. Let’s get into this essay and learn about some of those good things.

One good thing that came out of Lehrer having a heart attack is the fact that he developed a healthier diet. In the book, Lehrer states that, “I had the eating habits of a pimply faced 15 year-old.” Then he goes on to list all of his dietary habits. This shows that prior to the heart attack he was not taking care of himself as far a diet goes. Then, once he had the heart attack, he changes his diet. He realized that what he was eating was slowly killing his heart and body. He realized that he was killing himself by eating garbage. So, he changed his diet in an effort to save himself from having a second heart attack.

Another good thing that happened because of the heart attack was that he stopped smoking. Jim Lehrer was a huge smoker. He stated in his book that he had smoked adamantly for 20 years. Lehrer was such a big smoker, that he even smoked while he was going to the hospital before he had his heart attack. Well, smoking is such a bad thing for people having heart attacks, that it actually speeds up the process. After Lehrer had his heart attack, he went on to stop smoking. One thing that helped him to do that was that every time he picked up his pipe he would think of the hospital, and that stopped him from wanting to smoke again.

The next really good thing that happened because of Lehrer’s heart attack was the documentary he made called Your heart My heart. Since that documentary was made, it made heart attacks to something that people made more attention to. Actually, Lehrer was informed later in that he had saved a girls life because of it. His documentary made a girl realize that she was having a heart attack, and she made it to the hospital with around 5 minutes to spare.

In conclusion, Lehrer made an impact not only in his life but in the life of others after he had his heart attack. Heart attacks can be something that causes you to step into the light of reality, or it can kill you. Hopefully, the latter doesn’t occur. Please like and subscribe for more fro Homeschooled Hero! If you have any stories of a loved one having a heart attack or even if you’ve had one yourself, please leave it in the comments below.

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9th Grade Business: Lesson 15

Today, I was given the assignment to write about why running my own business basically guarantees me a job in the year 2030. Well, this is a pretty straight forward topic, however there are many things to consider that could be occurring in the year 2030. So, let’s get into this essay!

Owning my own business would mean that I, personally, would have a job. However, in order to keep a job I would have to hire other folks to work for me. Then, I would have to continue to pay them. Paying people would really bring my profits down, and then I would have to try harder to get people to buy my products. Then, there could be robots who can do the same thing. However, if I can manage to put something into the product that makes the customer want it from me more than from a robot. For example, if I were to play guitar, I could put soul into it, and a robot wouldn’t be able to.

In conclusion, I think that owning a business will guarantee me a job, but I can’t guarantee that I can hold the job. I can guarantee that I will be able to sell my product once I out perform robots and any other companies with the same product. Please like and subscribe for more from Homeschooled Hero!

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Really Rick?

So I recently attempted to read one of Rick Riordan’s newest books, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: The Hammer of Thor. However, I couldn’t even make it to page 100, which is weird for me since I love to read!

In this book, we meet a new character named Alex. Well, I thought that it would be cool to meet a new person with a dark personality that will eventually help Magnus in the end. Well, instead we get a comment from him saying, “Call me she.” I stopped and thought about this, and could not figure out why he would want to be called she. Then, on the next page, Alex makes another comment saying that he/she is a, “Gender-fluid transgender.” I find this very disappointing. While I don’t mind having people like that out in the world, I don’t enjoy it when I am forced to have content like this in my books. Now I know some of you will say, “Well you didn’t have to buy the book.” and my answer to that is, that you are absolutely correct. However, I did so completely unaware that there was this type of character in this story. The cover made no mention of transgender, gender-fluid, or any other type of confused character. If it had, I would not have purchased the book!

That being said, I really enjoy your writing style Rick. However, I don’t like having characters like that. A case can be made for characters whos sexuality somehow helps the story along. For example when you made Nico Di’Angelo gay in the Heroes of Olympus series, it made sense because it made him want to stay away from Percy. So that was fine with me, but making a “gender-fluid Transgender” character doesn’t help the story-line along at all. In fact, it seems to be included in the story for no reason other than to appease the modern PC culture. If that is the case, I am severely disappointed and will have to reconsider any future purchases of your books.


Homeschooled Hero (one of your biggest fans)

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