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What Virginia Should done with the Money

Hey guys, I know that you probably think that this is about the STATE Virginia. However, it isn’t about that Virginia. This is about Virginia from the book In His Steps by Charles Sheldon. I was given the assignment to write about what Virginia should have done before donating $500,000 to the newspaper editor. My name is Homeschooled Hero and I hope that you enjoy this essay, so let’s get to it!

So, in the book, Virginia donates half a million dollars to the editor of a failing newspaper. She does this to help bring the paper back to a functional position. However, I feel that there is something that she should have done before donating that money. First she should have decided if the newspaper was WORTH funding. Then she should have checked to see if her family was in need of something that would require that money. Those are the first things that she should have done.

The only reason that she should have done those things before donating the money is because if her family DID need that money, she would have given it away to a failing newspaper and basically waste her money. Now, the first step is the MOST important because it determines if it is even worth considering donating the money. If she had done some research into the paper, she would have actually seen that the editor doesn’t publish stories that would be put into a successful paper. He puts stupid things that aren’t as important as others. For example he decided NOT to publish a story that showed the railroad breaking the law. He published something else that wasn’t important at all.

It may behoove you to know that the book was a very popular book for the Social Gospel. However, the author doesn’t really understand anything how businesses like a newspaper are run. In this sense, this book is very similar to Looking Backward. There are many problems in both books, and they both center around how businesses are run. Both authors don’t really know about how a business is run, how it stays functional, and how to make money. They rely upon how they think that businesses SHOULD  be run, and that is not how the business world works at all. That is the problem with authors like Charles Sheldon, they don’t know what they are writing about. They write about how the world ought to be, instead of how it is. Then, that makes it a big problem when they try to write because it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. I find this to be a big problem.

In conclusion, Virginia should have looked into what she was investing into. She also should have made sure that her family wasn’t in need before she donated $500,000. I think that Charles Sheldon is a good writer, but he has no clue as to what the real world is. It will never be exactly perfect, and what he sees as perfect is not really. Please like and subscribe for more from me, Homeschooled Hero! If you enjoyed this essay leave a comment and let me know why you enjoyed it so much. If you have read the book, let me know what Virginia should have done before she donated the money.

Until next time, your friendly neighborhood Homeschooler…

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Which Dream in Looking Backward was more Realistic? Why?

Today I am writing about which dream from Looking Backward was more realistic to me. To get this started, there were two major dream sequences. These were, the dream back to 1887 and then 2000. These dreams were both rather strange in some aspects but one of them was still more realistic. So, without further adieu, let’s get into this essay.

I think that when he (Bellamy) woke up in 1887, it was more realistic than him waking up in 2000. I think this because when he woke up in 1887, everything seemed like it did before he went to 2000. I say this because in 1887 he lived like he normally would, but in 2000 he had to change to fit into the new society. I don’t like the new society, but it made more sense to me for it to be a figment of Bellamy’s imagination. When he woke up in 1887, I was rather confused but I eventually came to the conclusion that this was all a dream, and that Bellamy was going to try and move America to a socialist community. However, when he goes from the dream in 1887 to 2000, it was a little strange. To me it seemed as though Bellamy didn’t really like the Utopia that is the year 2000, it seemed that he wanted to go back to  his time. I wouldn’t blame him for wanting to see his family, but the dream sequence seemed to be a bit more than that, at least it did before he awoke in 2000 again. In 1887, Bellamy realizes that he has been living in a “perfect” society where everyone lives very differently than in 1887, but when he wakes up in 1887 he wants to change the world into that “perfect” society. I have a problem with this because, if the society was perfect in 1887 chances are, in 2000 it won’t be perfect anymore.

In the year 1887, Bellamy lives like everyone else, he earns a different salary and he does different jobs. This is pretty much the same for everyone in 1887. However, when he makes it to 2000, his life changes. In 2000, everyone has the same salary, and everyone is happy because, they are all equal. Once Bellamy lives in this he develops this lifestyle so that he thinks that this should be how everyone lives. Then when he wakes up in 1887, he resents where he came from, he thinks that it should be just like the Utopian society of 2000. This is not good for him, because he could be classified as crazy, because he would talk about how the year 2000 was. Then, when he woke up in 2000 again, he was very relieved, but he also felt bad because he dreamt of going back to 1887.

In conclusion, I think that Bellamy’s dream of 1887 was more realistic than his dream of 2000. I hope that you see it the same way, if you don’t please explain why. Also, if you haven’t read the book, please do. This book had a pretty big influence on the Socialist movement. Please like and subscribe for more from Homeschooled Hero.

Until next time, your friendly neighborhood Homeschooler…

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The Least Believable Aspect of Looking Backward, By Edward Bellamy.

Today I was given the assignment to explain what the least believable aspect of the novel, Looking Backward is. This took some time to create an answer to the question, only because there are so many things that are wrong or stupid throughout the book. Some of the things that I have seen throughout the book were very confusing, because they contradict what was previously stated in the book. I hope that by reading this post, you will go and check out the book to make your own opinion on this novel. So, without any further adieu, let’s get into this essay.

I think that the least believable aspect of the novel is the fact that they have no money. I find this to be the least believable aspect, because when West (the main character) arrives at the city, he seems to think that the city is rich. He thinks this because of the way it looks, and the way that the citizens live. However, later on we find out that the city has no money at all. However, this is not the only thing that sparks intrigue. One thing that I saw wrong with this novel was the fact that the social order has NO POVERTY. The problem with this, as pointed out by my teacher Gary North, is that this has never been true in the history of the world. Even the greatest empires ever known to man had poverty, some of them even came from poverty. Now, the problem with them not having any poverty, is that they have no money. Well, wait a minute, how can you have no money… Then turn around and say, “There is no poverty in this new social order.” This is one of those contradictory statements.

Another problem with this novel, is the fact that businesses don’t receive profit. Well, this makes sense for when they say the city has no money. Well, later on we realize that these businesses have product. Wait a minute, if you have no money how do you produce the goods. If you don’t have money, you can’t pay for the production of these goods. So, I have a big problem with this part of the novel. Another problem with money is the wages. In the book, they say that the men work for 24 years. They work from age 21 to age 45. Well, what about their wages? If you have no money, you can’t pay these people. Then, if they don’t get paid they can’t feed their families. Then, if they can’t feed their families everyone falls into poverty, and then your society crumbles. Overall there are a bunch of problems with this novel. I hope that my essay has gotten you intrigued enough to go out and find the book, to read it, and then make your own opinion about it.

In conclusion, the least believable aspect of this novel is the fact that they have no money. Without money everything falls apart. (By money, I mean currency.) Please like and subscribe for more from Homeschooled Hero!

Until Next time, Your friendly neighborhood Homeschooler…

To read the book, check out this link. Click here.